Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

What a day this has been - with surprises for all of us - some sweet and others less sweet. 

I started my day by sleeping in!  My sweet daughter woke me for Eliana's 9am feeding.  Up again at 10am for the end of the feeding.  Up again at 11am as Eliana was fussing and I put her in bed with me.  We then got up for good at noon for another feeding.  It was so nice to be able to sleep!!!  My sweet daughter helped with the younger boys so I could rest.  What a sweetheart she is!

All of this meant that I did NOTHING special with my children for Valentine's Day.    I hurried to get the boys dressed and ready to go out to music class at 12:30.  My dh was taking them which left a quiet house for me with only my oldest and youngest here.  My dh called about an hour later to let me know that one of the boys had gotten sick in the van -just a little bit, but enough to cause them to come home.  :-(  We have been nowhere this week!  I'm not sure where we could have found any sickness.  After talking more, we think it wasn't sickness, but food going down the wrong way.  He wanted to eat again quickly after getting sick - and hasn't been sick since.

Well, the afternoon was spent with the sick one being sequestered, two playing outside, one playing and one napping.  Still nothing to celebrate the day.  Though my oldest daughter has been making Valentines and even helped the boys to make them too.

My dh went by the store to pick up some food for dinner and worked with the children to make our  traditional heart shaped pizza - with I Love you in pepperonis.  We also had a ceasar salad and rice krispy treats cut into hearts.  My daughter decorated the table beautifully - pink placemats and napkins  (folded very  fancy) and candy hearts on the table around the vase of roses.  We had a fun meal  with lots of laughter inspired by the telephone game. 

Afterwards I sent the children on a scavenger hunt.  I had made up 11 clues.  Two for each of them to figure out and a final one to do together.  Each clue had a small bit of candy to eat as they searched.  It was fun to watch them run and then think.  The final clue was new books for each of them.  Most of them were thrilled.  The 5yo said "I don't want books!".  I think he had dreams of a big stash of candy!  We looked through the books together though until he realized that they  were ones he would really enjoy.

My oldest two sons had also made up scavenger hunts too.  The hunt by the oldest was hard - and the "prize" at the end a little questionable.  *grin*  It was him - hiding in a closet!  

So while the day started off a little less than exciting - it ended with a lot of fun.  It was especially sweet when at dinner my 5yo commented that "This is the best Valentine's Day ever!". 

Thank you for redeeming this day God and for the fun memories we were able to make. 


Well ... I did it again!

The opportunity came today - for something I was hoping to avoid.  I was told that I couldn't avoid it, but I was still hoping none the less.  When I went to feed Eliana at 3pm, I noticed that she was holding the tube - all of it!  She has grabbed it before, but never really done much tugging on it.  My oldest son had just put her down in the crib a few moments earlier.  I'm not sure how it  happened so quickly!   I called him in and we both just looked her.  She was blissfully unaware of all of the thoughts swirling in my head and of what lay ahead for both of us. 

I knew then I was going to need to reinsert her tube and just started praying ... and praying... and praying.  I called my friend next door to come help - no answer.  I then went and posted a quick prayer request on the FIAR boards.  As I was headed back upstairs to get things ready, my son told me that my friend was just getting home.  I called again and she thankfully was able to come over and help.  Another friend arrived before I put the tube in and was there to help encourage and hold Eliana's little hand.

This really is a two person job - at least for the novice!!!  Eliana sucked on her pacifier while I put in the tube.  My friends helped hold her hand and her hand when it was loose again.  She didn't cry and was so good about it.  It went in pretty easily - though seemed a little "stuck" at the end.  I checked placement - and it was in correctly!!!  It was done!!! 

I'm so thankful for this answer to quick prayers -for friends to help, for guidance of my hands and for peace for both Eliana and I during this procedure.  Thank you God.

Now ... I'm still hoping I won't have to do it again, but I'm sure it will be easier the next time around.

As always - thanks for your prayers!

With love,