Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Beyond FIAR Co-op - Cricket in Times Square 1

We are in our 3rd and final year of doing our Beyond  Co-op.  What a fun couple of years we have had and I look forward to even more fun together this year!  We are in Volume 3 this year and our first book is The Cricket in Times Square.  We covered topics in the first 3 chapters in this co-op.

We started out learning about New York City.  Each student was given a card with a picture of a prominent landmark in Manhattan.

 They were then asked to find its location and place it on the map.

They discussed the artist and the author.  They then looked at some of the pictures from the book.  Later they chose one of the favorites and drew a copy to include in their lap book.

 There was also a discussion about mammals, rodents and insects.
 The students were each given a lapbook with pieces included from Homeschool Share.  You can find it here.  They filled out a number of the books from the things that they had learned (NY, CT, Mass Transit, Rodents and more).
 After all of that hard work, it was time for a snack.  More than a snack really - a spread!
 This was our menu for the day.
It was a fun start to a delightful book!  I look forward to sharing more of it with you!