Monday, February 28, 2011

Beyond Co-op: Thomas Edison #3

This was our second formal gathering, but I'm counting it as the third since I posted about our visit to the one-room schoolhouse.  We were covering Chapters 5-8 (and one lesson from 9).  The kids first talked about  pollution and buffers.  They learned about the great job that plants do in protecting our environment and of course talked about helping to take good care of it themselves.

 Can you see what we talked about next?  Can you read the chart?  Yes, it's recognizable even without getting a close up view.  It's the periodic table of elements.  I love that this topic was covered in a fun and interesting way.  This is not something that I would have tackled in any depth at this age.  I am thankful for co-op because many topics are covered that wouldn't be otherwise - and in such great ways!
 The children were attentive and interested in the topic.  Science is such a great hands-on topic and a wonderful one to share in a group!
 We learned about the structure of an atom - specifically the protons and electrons.

Each child was given a paper with a different chemical symbol on it.

 They were then to draw the electrons.  They learned how many went in each layer around the protons.  They also learned that when the "complete number" (8) was not found in the last layer, that the cells would be attracted to other elements that would complete them and make them "happy" (with 8 electrons).
 In order to illustrate the combining of cells, each child was given the opportunity to be a cell.  They then had to find another element with which they could join in order to be "happy".

The ties on the sides of the "cells" could be used to join the cells together.

What a great way to experience science!  I love co-op and am thankful for the opportunity to be in one.  Thanks Vickie and Vivian for a wonderful day!  More soon on our next co-op adventure!