Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Science experiment

I love that fall is coming.  Its my favorite time of year.  For now though, we are enjoying the lazy days of summer still.  One day we headed out to a nearby pond.  Rebecca and her friend Hanna were needing to collect samples for a science experiment.  It was a beautiful day!  We chose a pond that was beside a playground.  Fun for everyone.  

Sometimes its just fun to play with a different setting on my camera.
Though I usually quickly head back to my favorite.
On top of a large berm around the pond.  What cracked me up though was what he did after getting to the top.  He rolled down the hill.  Not a small feat for a boy who used to struggle greatly with sensory issues.  He is doing so much better now!
The girls collecting samples.

The boys running around.
These two are often partners in crime.  LOL
The pond looked so pretty and peaceful.

Eliana took this photo - and more.  ;-)
We played some before heading home.  It was still quite warm - and there was science to do.

One very humorous thing happened when we got home.  The samples needed to be kept in a cool dark place where they would not be disturbed.  I immediately thought that on top of the kitchen cabinets would be a great place.  Its dark and by the cobwebs you can tell that it doesn't get disturbed.  Well, guess what else was undisturbed up there?  A jar of some sample from at least a year ago when the guys did this - or some other experiment.  LOL and gross!

We'll be studying these stinky samples for a few weeks and hopefully not leaving it there for the next time we need a cool dark place.

Lots more to catch up on and will hopefully post more soon.  Things are going well here.  Just trying to find a routine for our days, and to declutter our house in prep for a garage sale and still need to revamp the kitchen though I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to do that.  Hope you are having fun, enjoyable and productive days at your house!