Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Beyond Co-op - Homer Price #1

For our first co-op with Homer Price, we covered chapters 1 and 2.  As is true with all of our co-ops, it was a wonderful day!  We were indoors (what is with all of the rain this year on our co-op days?!), but it was still tons of fun!

We started with a lesson on US Highways.  This is a lesson that could have been dry and boring - and yet Lea found a great way to bring it to life!  Each of the children was given a sign with one of the US Highway numbers on it.

Notice that all of the highway numbers end in either a "0" or a "5".

Joshua was called up first to draw his highway.  Each of the signs had a map on the back which showed the highway indicated on the front.

The kids noticed the pattern.  All of the highways ending in a "5" go from North to South.  Those ending in a "0" go from East to West.  Also the smaller numbers started in the West with Highway 5 and got larger ending in Highway 95 on the East Coast.  The same was true with the other Highways with the smaller numbers beginning in the South and getting larger as they moved northward.  Neat, huh?  A great visual too!

The next part of our day was spent learning about Homer.  Next, Vivian took the children on an interactive telling of the Odyssey.  They heard the story and often acted out pieces of it.  (I'm not going to be able to retell it here - sorry!)  A fighting scene in which the boys needed no encouragement to act it out.

  In case you wanted a peek at the front of the book.

There were signs marking the way for the children.

Spearing a fish.  (I can't remember all of the details as I wasn't listening as well as I should have been.)

Closing their ears to the sounds of the sirens.

Remembering this stop as they made their own snack craft of the six-headed monster, Scylla.

The Cyclops - they shot nerf darts at it.

Making rafts so they can head for home.

I don't remember why they had the scarves - perhaps part of a disguise?

Or why they tumbled over the sofa - except that this was the end of the story when he made it safely home.

Thanks friends for an altogether wonderful day of learning and fun!