Monday, July 21, 2014

4th of July

I enjoy the 4th of July.  Its fun to celebrate our country and to be reminded of the privilege we have in our freedoms.  Its a time to celebrate all that is good about being an American and a reminder to continue to fight for those freedoms.  

A cute patriotic hairstyle.

We went to Apex in the morning to enjoy the festivities there.  Lots of games including huge slides.
One of them with water in it!  Perfect for a hot day.  Thankfully, the weather has been much milder this year and it was not nearly as hot as it might have been.
Even so we took some breaks in the shade.
Fun family photos.

We met friends there and enjoyed hanging out with them!

One of the local churches has had need games there.  This year it was angry birds.
Fun idea!
We went home and had lunch and packed a picnic.  Eliana's hairstyle was improved upon.  Isn't it cute?
Next, we met friends at the Koka Booth amphitheatre.  They got there early and secured a great spot for all of us.  It was a beautiful afternoon.  There were some games there and we wandered around a bit, but mostly hung out in our "spot".  We played games.  Eliana joined in on Uno.  A reminder to me to try more games and things with her.  I was surprised that she wanted to play and she did a great job.  I just need to offer more opportunities for her to try!
We had a great spread of food to snack on and for a meal.  Love the patriotic eggs.   :)
It was a fun picnic spot and we enjoyed music from the Cary Town Band while we ate.
Lots of patriotic tunes.  Cheers!
These were a huge hit.
Daniel loved piling on the icing.
The NC symphony also played and they were great!  There were soooo many people here!  None of my photos can really capture the crowds.
Christopher and Emily got back from camp and joined us later in the evening.  Quick game of catch-phrase here.
The evening ended with fireworks.  They were beautiful.
And loud.  Eliana spent the entire time with her face buried in Roger's chest.  :(
I took a lot of photos as the bright lights made my eyes water.  Not sure what's up with that.
Delightful day with family and friends!  I couldn't have asked for more.  Thankful for so much and for this time to celebrate.  I hope you had a great time celebrating too!