Friday, May 13, 2011

Abundance Foundation Field Trip

We visited The Abundance Foundation on one of our field trips in March.  Yes, still playing catch-up here!  LOL  This is a place that educates on sustainability and renewable energy.  We had a beautiful day for our tour and loved our time there.  We split into 2 groups - younger and older.  The younger kids started with the farming area.

We saw things growing outside and also in a greenhouse.
The fun part was actually sampling some of the things grown on the farm!
Everything was incredibly delicious - including a variety of greens!
One of the biggest surprises for most of us was how yummy the salad turnips tasted!  Now, I'm not a huge turnip fan, but these were delicious - raw and plain!

Doesn't my little girl look like a big girl tagging along with the other kids?!  

So many things were edible.
Including these flowers.
The kids were mostly adventurous in trying a variety of things too!
Can you see the snake hidden in the picture below?  He was big and tucked away in one of the green houses.    Not necessarily "on the tour" but the kids did enjoy getting a peek at him.

I love pictures from the back.  She is so tiny (still) and cute trying to keep up.

Can you tell what this is made from?  Take a guess and then read below for the answer.
 Strawbales.  Were you right?  This houses part of the biodiesel fuel operation. (Above) and another greenhouse picture below.  The plants are grown using hydroponic production.
 No matter what is on the tour, rocks are always a draw to so many children.  Eliana is no exception.
 Getting hands on learning with the vermiculture operation.
 Several of the kids were really hoping to take some worms home too!
 After the tours, we hung out and played and had a picnic lunch.
 The large chess set was fascinating for kids of all ages.  Some of them really used them to play a game of chess too!

 Picnics.  Sunny days.  Friends.  What a fun way to have school!
 Lots of space to run and play.

The staff was wonderful and we spent a delightful day here.  I heartily recommend this location for a field trip!