Sunday, March 24, 2013

Miscellaneous happenings in Feb

I thought I'd do a quick peek at some of the February happenings that I didn't blog about.  A peek into some of the fun and silliness and other happenings around our home.

Our tradition for Valentines day has always been pizza - usually a heart shaped one with the words I love you written on it in pepperoni.  We made 2 gluten free pizzas this year with a crust of cream cheese and cheese.  It is yummy.  It takes some prep time though so isn't something to do at the last minute.  I made heart shaped pepperonis for one and our words for the other.

 Shot of most of the family.
 Tried to cut the carrots into hearts, but I think they look more like Pac-man.
 Some cute little treat packages that I made.  :-)

Isaiah started his science experiment.  He is comparing a fast food hamburger and fries to home cooked to see what happens to each over time.  Here is day one with the fast food.  Will post more on this in April when the experiment ends.

 The weather has been so variable - from week to week and sometimes even from day to day.  We have had a small amount of snow - very small.  Here you can see the start of it one day.  We have not had any that stuck this year.
 We have also had lots of gorgeous, hang out int he sun type of days!  The Eno (hammock) was a gift from Christopher and the boys love it!
 We have been attending Awana on Sunday nights.  Eliana loves when her name is called for a new badge for her vest.  She loves standing on the stage.
 Daniel is a bit more serious on stage.  But then his award was a big one.
 Daniel earns his Sparky Award.  I know I already posted, but this is a good one to share again.  :-)

We share smiles and laughter while playing games and just being together.  (Pretty, pretty princess is a hit around here.)

We are sometimes silly.  Laughter is good for the soul!

 With sadness, our family gathers to honor the memory of my uncle who passed away.  He served his country as a Marine, and also served his family and community for many years.  It was wonderful to see so many of my relatives that I had not seen for a long time.  Its a sad reason to gather, but I'm thankful for my uncle's life and legacy.

Our legacy is such an important thing.  Are we investing our time and talents where it matters most?  Are we using the gifts God has given us for His good and His glory?  

 I'm thankful for all the gifts God has given me and though I fall often, I seek to follow Him.

Praying for you that God would bless and encourage your heart today.

In His love