Sunday, November 25, 2007

Short update

I have more to add than I have time for at the moment.  We have been gone since Thanksgiving to visit my family.  We had a wonderful time with my parents and my sister's family.  I'm so glad we were all able to be together!  This is only the second time we have travelled as a family with Eliana.  She is a great traveller! 

I wanted to post a short prayer request for our family. 

We had planned to leave town on Wed of last week to drive to my parents house.  When two of our boys started feeling poorly - fevers and generally feeling crummy - we waited until the next day to leave. We hoped that they would soon feel better as they were able to be up and about.  (Running around like little boys do!)  Well, the fevers went on and off for a couple of days though it didn't seem to slow them down too much. They developed some coughing though and were joined by Joshua (coughing and no fever).

Last night, Rebecca started complaining of a sore throat. Today she added a "heavy head", loss of appetite, some ear pain and just generally feeling badly to her list of ailments.   The hard part of it all - today is her birthday. She is my child that loves celebrations and looks forward to each one. She has been counting the days to her birthday for weeks. She didn't even feel up to cake or ice cream tonight. I'm wondering if she might have strep throat? Her symptoms are very different from the boys. Christopher also started complaining of a sore throat today.

We drove home today from my parent's house. We stopped to buy Christmas trees and then to eat lunch. I tried feeding Eliana there and she really had a hard time finishing her bottle. Took her much longer than it typically does now. She also slept a LOT this afternoon, which was great for travelling. Well, tonight she felt warm, and she does have a fever. She also has drainage. She won't let me near her nose without a fuss - too many reminders of the past? Poor baby. I was so hoping she would not get anything.  I'm also hoping it will pass quickly and not turn into anything lasting for her.

This has gotten long. I'd love prayers for health for our family. So far, Roger and I are feeling well. I am hoping a good night's sleep will help those that aren't feeling well.

Thank you dear friends.

I'm hoping to post soon about:

  • My birthday girl Rebecca who is 12 today!

  • Thanksgiving - our time with family and some of our fun leading up to the day.

  • A fun event our homeschool group put together - with lots of photos!

That's all for now as I need to go to sleep.  Tomorrow will be an early morning without my best helper!