Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Isaiah!

Birthdays.  We have two birthdays in a six day span.  They are just 2 years apart and most years have celebrated with joint activities and/or a party.  This year though, they opted for smaller and individual.  It works that way too.  For many years we had big parties - not necessarily in size - but more in the effort put into them.  I loved having a theme with activities, food and a cake all relating.  It was fun.  A lot of work, but made for great memories.  

I'm learning though that we can also make great memories in doing things more simply.  There isn't a right or best way.  Isn't that true of so many things in life?  

One activity that Isaiah was really interested in doing was something we had done for Christopher.  Now, it was much easier doing this for the person mostly likely to get up LAST.  It was more tricky doing it for the person who usually gets up FIRST.  He also shares a room and I didn't want the surprise to miss him!

I stayed up late and decorated the door with lots of balloons and streamers.  Before doing this though, I made a large sign to hang on the door that told him to STOP and not open the door.  An arrow pointing down indicated my cell  phone with instructions on calling me before he opened the door.  
Shortly after 7am, we heard the phone.  What was funny though was when we asked Isaiah how many times he had called.  He said, "About 20 times".  I laughed.  Then I checked my cell phone.  I scrolled down and down while counting.  I laughed again.  He HAD called 20 times.  (In our defense, the only phone that rings is downstairs and hard to hear.)
Can you see the delight that this surprise brought?  I love being able to give my children things that they want. Especially when it isn't a material good but rather an experience.  Simple.  Fun.  Sweet.
One of our family traditions is that you choose your foods.  My children have started their own traditions of the upholstered chair being the special seat for the birthday person.  (Isn't it a fun thing when they add in their own ideas and start family traditions?!)  Isaiah chose waffles and chocolate milk.  (Other food choices this day were tacos and pizza.)
We headed out to Best Buy in the morning.  Definitely a store for guys!  It was pouring outside and there were very few people inside.
So we made ourselves at home and enjoyed our time there.
The red plate - another family tradition.  I have a red notebook to go with it to record when we use the plate. I haven't been good about using that though.  At least the pictures keep a journal, right?
Two hands full this year!
We also repeated the sign with things we love about him.  When Isaiah looked at it, he wondered why we only listed 10 things we loved about him while Joshua's noted 12 things.  Guess that part of it wasn't so clear. LOL
His special gift from us was a new camera.  He is having fun taking pictures and movies.  I love seeing the world through their eyes too!
The following day, we had a small party.  (This was the day that worked for Christopher to come home and so this is why it was chosen.)  We hosted a nacho contest.  People could choose to work individually or as a team - we had both.  We also had a huge spread to choose from - hamburger (taco meat), sausage, cheese, tomatoes, bacon bits, lettuce, sour cream, hot peppers, olives, refried beans, corn, and salsa.  They went to work creating!
Each team had the opportunity to present their creation to a panel of judges.  They were judged on taste, presentation and creativity.  Isaiah chose to be a judge rather than a contestant.  After sampling these plates, we then went back to create more of our own choosing.  It was a delicious party activity.
Time for the birthday cake!  Can you tell what it is?
Its supposed to be legos.  I used muffins to make the knobs on top.
We then played a game - electronic Monopoly.
It was a fun evening!
Isaiah was also given light sabres and it was fun testing them out with his biggest brother!
We had a great time celebrating!

Isaiah, I love your heart for God and for others.  It blesses me that you enjoy reading your Bible and learning more about God.  I love how you are willing to give things up in order to keep peace.  You have a generous spirit and are willing to give up many things to help or make someone else happy.  

Isaiah is smart, creative and funny.  He has a great sense of humor and is easy to spend time with.  He also gives some of the best hugs ever!  He is hard working and diligent in things large and small.  

Isaiah, I'm so glad you are part of our family!  What a sweet gift you are to us every day!  I pray that God would continue to mold and shape you.  I pray that you will use the gifts He has given you wisely.  I pray that you would always know that you are deeply loved and wonderfully made!

I love you!