Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Birthday Rebecca

The host site is down at HSB where I typically blog, so I'm taking this time to try out a new host.  So far it has taken me a LONG time to load the pictures individually.  Not sure if there is a trick that I'm missing on this!  (Please share if there is!)

This year Thanksgiving fell on the same day as Rebecca's birthday.  I remember a friend telling me when she was born that she really loved having her birthday close to Thanksgiving as an adult - because it meant she spent it with family.  I hope Rebecca will enjoy that too.  I will admit that it was a little challenging trying to celebrate both on the same day. 

We drove up the mountains to spend the holidays with my parents.  My sister and her family met us there.  Rebecca again baked pies.  Eliana found them while she was getting them ready this year and decided to try them out - before they were cooked!

We enjoyed playing games.

And of course cooking.

The girls had fun making and decorating cookies.  The boys liked eating them!

The boys received "money machines" as a late birthday gift.  It's a box with a tab sticking out of the top.  When you pull it, money comes out and out and out.  They both loved this!
I love spending time with my family!  I'm very blessed!

Rebecca and Keri making placecards for our table.

Keri and Laura made these great cupcakes!  Aren't they amazing looking?!

We celebrated Rebecca's birthday with gifts.
And a "birthday pie" (yes it is one that she made). 
Happy 15th Birthday precious girl!

Cousins having fun!

Some photos of my kids

Eliana found the chocolate in the pantry.
My sister and I with our hubbies.
Another tradition - a group shot of our children on this wall.
I love the tradition of being with my family at Thanksgiving.  I love that our children have things that they know "we do" each year.  This is such a fun holiday.  We relax, eat food, play games, read books and watch football (or the cooking channel).  Its sweet being with people you love and I'm grateful for my wonderful family!



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