Thursday, December 9, 2010

Testing a new blog site

While this site has been down, I've been testing another one.  Not sure if I'll make the move or remain here.  I have 4 years of history here and don't want to lose that.  I do like some of the features though of the new blog.

Here it is if you want to take a peek.  I'd LOVE to have some company over there.  :-)




  1. I'm in the process of trying out blogger too. It seems like whenever I have time to update, the HSB is down. I hate to move though. I've been here for three years.

  2. Going to go look and see the new site. Hey, Gina, you can modify your topper here. It's not too tricky but does have to be within the size limits of your chosen template.


  3. Leslie I have been as well, just kinda tired of all the mess here.... check mine out and follow me and i will you too!!

  4. ok leslie and you have to tell me how did you get that cute template?? i have been trying for 2 months to get a new one that i like and can't find nothin that not under 100.00!! LOL help?

  5. I have a blog here & at blogger. I just copy & paste it from one to the other. It makes me feel better that I won't lose anything if I have it in 2 places. Holly
    I'll add you at blogger.


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