Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Dad is a "Legend"

For those that haven't known me for long, you might not know my Dad.  Or that I was a Daddy's girl.  I grew up thinking that my Dad could do no wrong and I wanted to do anything I could to make him proud of me.  I was certainly proud of him.

My Dad was a college basketball coach.  A job that can be glamourous - and also very difficult.  As a child, it was hard to hear the "talk" that went around when the seasons weren't going as well as you hoped or prayed that they would.  It was hard for me to understand why some coachs who were less than honest were successful, while others had years that were hard. 

My Dad taught me a lot though - and the tough times gave room for many of those lessons.  Isn't that always the case?  Why is it that we learn more when times are difficult?  Is it because we are more apt to listen to God, to stop to hear what He has to say?  Is it because we can become too weary to stand on our own and just sink into His arms? 

I learned early on when I would complain about something that "Life isn't fair".  I learned the importance of attitude (having a positive one) and teamwork.  I learned to look at the bright side of things even when it was hard to find.  I learned that your faith can be quiet and private - and carry you through much.

I'm proud of my Dad and that would be true even if his job didn't come with accolades and praise.  I'm proud of him for being honest, for caring about people, for knowing that family and people come first and for his love of God.  I wish you could all know him.  He is honest, interesting, caring and down-to-earth.  I know you would like him.  

This week-end at the ACC tournament, my Dad along with 7 others will be honored as "Legends of the ACC".  If you would like to read more about it, you can see an article here.   My Dad is Bill Foster.

If you want to see my Daddy, check out the half-time program of the 1:30 game on Saturday. 


I'm proud of you Daddy and I love you!!!



  1. How cool is this! I'll be watching - hubby did his undergrad at Duke so we will be glued to the tournament. I LOVE college basketball - especially the ACC.

  2. Forgot to sign my name - Amy @ On a Joyful Journey :-)

  3. so COOL! had no idea. we played Wingate College - i went to ACC when it was ACC, now Barton (played softball and volleyball) tried to walk-on for Basketball but it just didn't happen : ). i love all sports, especially ACC basketball - you never know what may happen. thanks for sharing about your dad - (sorry they didn't air it at half-time) i'm sure he's more than a legend in you and your family's eyes.

    we were sad of the UNC/FlaSt outcome too - Go Heels! Happy Birthday Christopher - we'll do better in the NCAA tournament : ) aj

  4. Hey Leslie,

    I feel lucky to be someone who knew your dad as an awesome coach for the Tigers! (I hoped we would have done better during the ACC tournament last week! My husband went to Tech, so it stung even more that they were the team to knock us out...oh well.) Anyway, you have so much many reasons to be pround of your dad, and the qualities you listed in him as your father have been beautifully handed down to you as well. (Maybe you learned to effortlessly parent six children by watching him coach a basketball team! :) He is truly deserving of the title of "Legend," and I am honored have known him as a coach.

    Go Tigers! Cyndi


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