Sunday, March 29, 2009

Misc photos

Want to post about our week-end - time with friends and an awesome field trip.  Will do that when I figure out which cords to plug back into the computer so I can download some pictures.  ;-)  Sad being so computer illiterate sometimes, isn't it? 

I wanted to share just a few random shots from this month.  All of my children love riding on the plasma car.  It's not surprising.  I think its fun too!  You make it go by moving the steering "wheel".  Even Eliana can do it!  We have a circular path around the center of our house which is often the path for the car. 

Eliana is such a good sport about being dressed up.  My children have been big fans of dress-up and pretend play and I guess she is just following their lead.

Eliana doesn't wear others shoes often - she barely keeps on her own shoes.  Even then, it's just if it is the one pair that she has not yet figured out how to unbuckle.  I love pictures of children in shoes that are way too big! 

One day when I walked upstairs, this was the sight that greeted me.  I had to stop myself from laughing out loud so I could go back down and get my camera!  This boy loves to read!!!

 I host a Mom's meeting for our FIAR (homeschool) group once a month.  Rebecca graciously made a dessert for us at one of them and I said she was hired for the rest of the meetings.  She has glady taken on this role and has made some lovely (and delicious!) things for us.  Here's a look at last month's goodies.

Praying this week is filled with sweet blessings for you and those you love.




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  1. This was so touching, my cousin has Downs (she is 4) was also full of encouragement for me in homeschooling my own three young children. It's those moments we would miss out on if they were in school!!!!


    Dawn Pickering


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