Tuesday, March 31, 2009

All Those Secrets of the World - notebooks and cooking

We use notebooks to journal and to keep our work in.  My boys have loved doing this as we row our books.  One of the things that they have enjoyed is making a title page as we start a new book each week.  I ask them to draw something from the story - anything that they want.

We just finished All Those Secrets of the World and here are our "title pages".

A closer look at Joshua's page.

This is Isaiah's page.

We also LOVE the meals in the Five in a Row cookbook!!!  It's a great way to experience foods from a different culture or time period.  I think it's important for children to learn how to cook and this is a great way to tie it into schooling.  It's also a neat way to involve Roger in our week.  He sometimes helps to cook and it's a great conversation starter.

We enjoyed clam chowder and crab cakes to go along with this book.  YUM!

Just a little look at our week. 




  1. What fun. We love the cookbook too.



  2. How awesome!! We haven't rowed a book in a while, things have just been so disorganized around here. I hope I can get back in the groove very soon!

  3. Hello Leslie!

    I actually found the link to your blog while looking for homeschooling organizational ideas for my oldest, who is 10. I also have a 7 and 5 year old. My 7 year old is Maren who has Trisomy 21, so I was immediately drawn to your daughter's pictures! You can see Maren at http://www.missmagic.blogspot.com . She is in a parochial school right now, but perhaps one day, we'll homeschool her as well ;-). Nice to "meet" you! Carol

  4. title pages are fun! I remember doing them as a a kid and they were my favorite!


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