Thursday, April 2, 2009


Today was a field trip day for our FIAR group.  We had planned to do some classes for the younger children and a ropes/challenge course for the older kids.  The day loomed dreary though and the rain started early.  After talking, thinking and praying - a decision was made to cancel our outing.  We thought that more fun would be had in better weather.

After playing lots of phone tag, we regrouped and some of us went to the NC History Museum instead.  They have an exhibit on pirates and this seemed a fun way to spend a rainy day.  It was nice that it only cost $5 for adults and the children were free!

They had exhibits on the history of pirates, info on specific pirates, artifacts, a movie, books in a reading nook and more.  It is a well-done display. 

Eliana practiced walking on uneven surfaces on the "ships deck" in the display area.

The hit of the display area though was the children's area.  They had a boat that the children could play on, clothes for dressing up, a crow's nest to climb in, cannons to shoot at pirate ships, knots to tie, and computer quizzes to see how much you knew about pirates.  They kids had a blast here! 

My pirate-loving crew.

We spent a little bit of time in the gift shop.  It's really hard to pass up a good book!!!  I bought 2 on NC history and some maps from the Civil War (request from Joshua). 

Afterwards, we went to Mellow Mushroom for lunch.  It was a yummy way to end the outing.

I was able to go out this evening with a friend to a local homeschool store.  I spent most of my time in the used/consign section.  I found some deals.  Of course, I kept thinking of how these could be used in my boxes.  Here's a peek at what I bought. 

Between having a little bit of credit (from consigning) and a gift certificate I won at a local special needs conference, I only spent $22.  I'm planning on using a couple of them tomorrow. 




  1. Looks like such a fun day Leslie and love all the stuff you found for your workboxes! Amazing how you look for things for that now huh?! Loving them so much! ;)

    Heather P

  2. Sorry...the above comment is from me!


  3. Great finds! If it's the homeschool store I'm thinking of, I LOVE that store! :) In fact, I'm going to try to get there this afternoon because I have quite a bit in credit.

  4. great field trip! and great job Eliana taking on those uneven surfaces! ya'll have such fun - love the dress-up pictures : ) hope you are all doing well, aj

  5. I read several of your posts tonight. Your blog is great! I actually met you at NCHE a couple of years ago at the FIAR booth. I have a 9 year old son with Ds. I am glad your daughter is doing so well! My blog is

    I do not post as much as I should, but I do what I can :). I look forward to reading more of yours in the future!


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