Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Homemade Bib

Will get to Christmas pictures when I have a little more time.  :-)

Just wanted to share a little something I made.  I copied a bib that I received from a friend for Daniel.  (Thanks Lea!)  I love this bib.  It's large, absorbent and cute!  All that I want (and need) in a bib.  I finally got around to making another one - and have hopes of making more. 

I bought a cute Christmas hand towel to make into a bib.  I cut this in half.  (First is a pic of the entire towel and then a picture of half of the towel.)

Next, I cut out a small semi-circle in the top center for the neck opening.  (I can measure if anyone wants it - just let me know.)

I finished off the top edges.  I then used quilt binding (36" in length) and sewed this around the hole.  It is centered on the bib so that there are equal lengths on each side.  The lengths leftover are the ties for the bib.

Here's the bib on Eliana.  Isn't it cute?! 

She is a really messy eater (when feeding herself), so this works out great!  If anyone wants more details, I know this is not much and I'm happy to give more.  There isn't a lot though as these are pretty simple.  I think they will make great gifts too!  I know I've loved mine!




  1. Oh that is just ADORABLE:) Love all that colour!

    (did u see my blog addy change?)

  2. Adorable! Great job, Leslie!

  3. Very cute, Leslie! Eliana is so big! :-)


  4. That was such a great idea...how adorable.

    IF we ever have anymore (God willing) then I know who to call for those cute bibs. :)

    Wishing you a merry christmas and happy new year...hope your holidays were great and just wonderful.

    Sorry I haven't stopped in awhile.....I need to seperate and check off who I visit. :)


  5. I LOVE that bib!!!! That material is adorable! Can I ask where you found it at? Eliana looks adorable in it!

  6. HI! what a blessing to find other moms to encourage and give good ideas! Thanks for the bib idea! :) I think I will make one soon, we can never have enough bibs around here!! :)



  7. How cute! Great job!



  8. Leslie, I love you and your family so much. I've not been around much since my computer died, but I've nominated your blog for an award. Stop by and pick it up anytime!



  9. It's so cute!

    I found you under the Unit Studies listing, and was wondering if you've ever tried KONOS.

    Happy New Year!

  10. Thank you friends! I’m glad you enjoyed the pics of the bib.

    Jen – It is made from a hand towel. I bought this one at Kohls. Too cute to pass up!

    Mamato8 – I’ve been out of town and will try to get there tonight. Having a little trouble with the site though.

    Sheila – I understand and hope you will have need for more bibs!

    Stephanie – Thank you!!! You are a sweetheart.

    WaitingontheLord – I haven’t ever used Konos. We are using Five in a Row and loving it. I’ve been using it for over a decade now!

  11. Thanks for sharing, I think I will make a few myself!!!



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