Monday, December 8, 2008

Eliana's dedication

We dedicated Eliana at our church on Sunday 15 November.  All of our children have been dedicated here - usually as infants.  Given Eliana's rocky first year, this was when she had her turn.

A couple first prayed over the children and families present.  Then each family had the opportunity to introduce themselves and their children and share a little bit.  Roger asked that I share and I happily did.

I shared that when Eliana was born with Down syndrome that it was a difficult path at first.  I know I've shared here that the book I studied when pregnant with her was James.  You know, the passage on "consider it all joy when you encounter trials".  I felt like this was a preparation for the trials that were to come.  At the time though, I didn't see clearly the end of that same chapter.  "Every good gift comes from above."  Eliana is a good gift from the One who made her perfectly - and in His image.

I shared about what a joy Eliana is to our family.  She is not what I prayed for - but is exactly what I needed.  I have grown so much in my faith through having her join our family.  I've learned more about God's grace, truth and faithfulness by walking this path with our sweet girl.  I know I still have much to learn.

I don't have a good picture of her at the dedication.  But here is a picture of her from that day.

We all then prayed and pledged to raise our children in the faith and to be a part of the church body that encourages, prays and helps all of the children grow to know more about God.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to have another child to raise - another opportunity to share God's love and to grow in the experience.

Feeling very blessed,



  1. She's just so precious!

    Don't you just love how God prepares us? I've mentioned before that when I was a teen, 12 years before I had Gavin, I read books about autism voraciously, I studied and studied it (and that was before it really began to rise). I've always felt like God was getting me ready.

  2. *happy tears*

    Oh, friend, I thank God for your sweet Eliana and the countless ways He's used her to turn hearts to Him. I'm so thankful, too, for the commitment of your church family to support, assist, and encourage your family as you raise your children for God's honor and glory. XOXO

  3. Oh Leslie- that picture of Eliana is adorable and your post brought tears to my eyes. What a special day for your family! I'm so thankful for how God has protected Eliana and brought her (and you) through that first difficult year with all of the medical issues.

    I may have shared this with you before but my best friend here in Alabama has a 16 year old down syndrome son and Caleb has been such a blessing to our family over the years in more ways than I can even begin to express and of course to his own family as well. Our lives are so much richer because of him as I know your lives are as well, because of Eliana!

  4. PS- What an awesome testimony of how God prepared you for Elianas birth through his word. Thank you for sharing that.

  5. Beautiful, in every way. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thank you friends.

    Sheri - I love your story of God preparing you. He is good that way!

    Nikki - Thank you for your encouragment.

    Jen - I am so glad that you have been blessed by knowing someone with Ds. I hope that many will be blessed by Eliana too. :-) I love seeing other people enjoy her. She is a delight.

    Anon - thank you too! I think she is beautiful too.

    Hugs to you all of you!


  7. And how awesome that you welcomed her inspite of her condition!!


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