Monday, November 21, 2011

Looking back ... a few things

I've been busy and keep meaning to figure things out on this new computer.  I think its going to take me a little while to get it sorted out so that I can do the things that I want to do on it.  Christopher did help me out with some things when he was here and I think I'm just going to need some lessons on it for awhile.  :-)

For those who use a Mac, I would love any tips or help you have to offer.  This is my first time on a Mac.  I'm especially interested in anything to do with photos.  Here is our  new computer.  I'm very excited about it and learning to use it!

We've had several medical appointments that I haven't shared about.  Eliana had her yearly cardiology appointment.  It was a long, long morning.  We went on Oct 31st and there were so many nice things set up at the hospital.  There were stations set up for the children and she visited one and got a new beanie baby which she loves.  She wasn't up for anything else.

She started fussing at vitals.  By the time we made it to the EKG, she was crying and screaming!  Next was the echo and she was inconsolable!!!  They pulled out all of their tricks - movie, bubbles, puppets, twirling lights - nothing helped.  I was even laying beside her on the bed and she just  cried and cried.  No reassurances helped.  : -(  It was hard.

Our last stop was to see the cardiologist.  We got into the exam room and as I was starting to get some things out for her.  She threw up.  Again.  And again.  Really did a number on the floor.  Ugh and yuck!  She thankfully mostly got the floor and not herself!  I cleaned it all up.  Didn't seem right to have someone else do it.  Though I did tell them after I cleaned it so that it could be mopped up again.  (She didn't get sick again.  Just so worked up from all of the crying.)

Anyway, as you can imagine by this time Eliana was less than thrilled to be touched by anyone!  Our Dr did manage a short exam and said that all looked the same.  She still has leaking at one of her valves (result of the surgery).  It isn't a problem at this point!  Thank you God.  The harder news is that we don't know if this will remain true.  It will depend on how her heart grows and how things around the valve are stretched.  She may need another heart surgery down the road.  I really didn't want to know that.  At this point though, I'm not going to worry about it as that won't help at all.  Just one more possibility of things to come - but hopefully not!

Joshua also had an appt at the diabetes clinic in the hospital.  His numbers have gotten bad and we are still working to try to get him in a better place.  We've made some adjustments that hopefully will help and give us more information on how his body is managing things.  Entering puberty though is already doing a number on him and from all that I hear, this will not change anytime soon.  So far, we are still seeing horrible highs and additionally lows in the middle of the night.  Still hoping and praying that we can him to a better and more stable place.

Also this week, I've watched friends walk through a very sad and tragic experience.  Its hard for me to even share this as words just seem inadequate.  Some sweet friends were excitedly waiting for the birth of their fourth child.  Their beautiful daughter was born late one evening on earth and soon after was born into heaven.  The grief and shock is unimaginable.  My heart just aches for them.

As I have been with them though, I see a strength and peace in the midst of the grief that I know comes from a deep faith in a God who loves them completely.  I'm encouraged by their faith while I grieve the pain and loss that this precious family is experiencing.

I wish I had words to make things better.  I know that all I can do is love on them - listen  - and be there for them.  Please pray for my friends as they walk this path which is not the joyful one for which they had been excitedly preparing.  Please pray for their family and friends.  Thank you.

With love


  1. It sounds like you are having a rough couple of weeks. It is so hard to see friends loose a child. I am sorry the doctor appointments were so hard to and with mixed results. You are such a blessing to your children. Hang in there.

  2. Oh my goodness. Many hugs for you! Will pray for Eliana and Joshua. I'm so sorry about your friends' loss :( Praying for you all this morning. Holly


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