Monday, November 21, 2011

Last days

This is one of the posts that I've kind of put off.  There are just times when being reflective is hard or maybe that it can just be hard to share.  We went to the mountains last month to help my parents with packing and getting ready to move.  This move is one that came up quickly and we are all trusting is God's best plan.  That still doesn't always make it easy.  I think a move - even when a good thing - is still a LOT of work!  Thankfully my parents have some incredible friends that have helped so very much!

The mountains are such a beautiful place.  My Mom was born in the mountains of NC and so its always been home.  When Dad retired, they chose to stay here full time and it has been the place my children have almost always known.  (They moved here when Christopher and Rebecca were both very young.)

We've spent many holidays and regular days too here.   The scenery is always breathtaking.  I too love the mountains.  This is the view from the deck of my parent's home.  (Above and below)
 I went up early with the kids.  Christopher was off for fall break, but Roger had to work.  (He joined us later in the week-end.)  We went to a nearby park for a picnic lunch.  I'm not sure pictures do justice to a fall mountain day.
 Christopher set up his hammock and we got lunch ready
 What a scenic spot to relax!
 Yes, several of us also wanted to test it out.
 I love watching my children play and enjoy being together.  It does my mama's heart good to know that they not only love each other, but also like being together.
 Always someone to play with and something fun to do.
 This pair of smiles came just after a big hug!
 I thought he would end up in the river, but surprisingly, all of them stayed dry.
 Comfortable and fun!
 Price Lake.  I couldn't get the colors to show up in the photo like they were in person.  You'll just have to believe me on this one.
 Photo of my children.  Being on this road reminded all of us  of Christopher's marathon last summer.  We pulled over at this park to wait for him and to cheer for the runners.
 Can you guess where else we went on our long week-end?  If you are familiar with the area, you will recognize this train.  Tweetsie.  Its been awhile since we've visited and I just wasn't sure when we would be able to get back.
 I went with the 5 youngest and we had a great time!  It was a beautiful day.
 We rode a lot of rides!  Bumper cars ...
 Tilt a whirl...
 Merry go round and more.
 Who can resist all of these leaves?  Well, not us.
 Feeding the goats was a huge hit!
 I just love the expression on his face!  Pure delight!
 These were some hungry goats!
 This is the ride that the oldest 3 rode.  Then Daniel wanted to try it.  And Eliana too.  I really wasn't sure about that one, but she LOVED it!!!
 They rode a few times and then we rode another train.
 I took Eliana to the boats while the other kids rode the  yellow ride above some more.
 When we walked back over to that ride, Eliana cried when she saw that they were riding without her!  So more riding for everyone!
 As we were packing and preparing to leave, we talked about coming up one last time.  It helped me to think that this wasn't the "last time".  I knew though that it would be the last time for all of us to be there. Love this stair step type photo.
 One more of the grandkids with their Papa.
 As it turns out, for various reasons, we were not able to go back.  This was our last time there.  It was a sweet time with good memories.  We will now be starting to make memories in new places.  New traditions.  We've been gathering here for Thanksgiving for many,  many years.  This year will be different.  I'm  still looking forward to the most important part - being with family!  That is by far the best part of Thanksgiving.

In the midst of changes, I'm praying for hearts to embrace and give thanks.  I'm praying especially for my parents as this is a huge change for them and I know that being away from friends will not be easy.

Life has so many twists and turns.  Some we see coming and others take us by surprise.  I'm thankful that on this journey I have been blessed with family and friends to walk with me.  I'm thankful for a Father who loves me, guides me and sometimes carries me.
with love


  1. Dear friend,
    Change is so hard. I hope that you all enjoy making new memories with your parents in a new place. Are they moving farther away from you? I hope not.

  2. No, they won't be farther away. In fact, they will be about 30 minutes closer. :-)

  3. This was such a beautiful post, Leslie, full of beautiful emotions and beautiful pictures.
    Praying for you and your family as you transition from old traditions to new...
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Many blessings,

  4. Oh my goodness! Leslie, this wrings my heart. It was a beautiful, perfect leave-taking. You lived it well; you captured it well. I especially love the photos of El with your dad and the last one with your mom. Love you, friend. (((Leslie)))

  5. Leslie,

    Such sweet heartfelt words, ((Leslie)). I love the pictures too. :) Praying for your heart.



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