Thursday, September 8, 2011

Duchess Bakes a Cake

Just thought I'd share a little bit of our fun time with this fun book.  This is part of the Five in a Row curriculum and this is at least my 4th time rowing this book.  So many fun memories with this one.  If you haven't read it, I do highly recommend it.

We enjoyed reading it outside one day.  Love that fall is coming!
We made a catapult.  It was simple, but it did the trick!  Marshmellows made a great thing to shoot with as well.  Lots of fun doing this over and over and over again.

We did a lot of fun activities in the FIAR manual for which I didn't take a lot of photos.  We did end our time with a feast.  We dressed up for it too!  Daniel was surprised when he saw me change.  I liked doing this with him!
It was a good chance to get out some of the serving pieces that we don't use too often.  Perfect for a feast!  We had a wonderful dinner too.  Our menu included broiled asparagus, balsamic potatoes, mashed carrots and yummy chicken (from Boston Market and yes, it is gluten free!).

The Duke was having a great time!
Rebecca had been doing some medieval studies too so it was nice to have her help in this feast as well.  She set the table and folded the napkins.
In our reading about medieval times, Isaiah learned about the serf's table where they didn't use any utensils like they had at the table for royalty.  He and Joshua both decided that they wanted to sit at that table!  LOL  We used waffles for their plates and they ate with their hands.  And loved it!
Of course with this book, we had to have a cake!
We didn't make the usual "lovely, light, luscious delectable cake", but instead made a GF cake.  We played it safe and used a mix.  This is an area in which I need to venture out, but just haven't yet.
All in all a fun study!  Next up is The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Grey Bridge!



  1. What a fun, fun time! We are currently studying the Middle Ages too, and will have a feast at the end of this 10 week unit of study (starting week 5 tomorrow). I'm impressed that YOU had a suitable costume! Love the next book you are rowing ~ it's one of my (many) favorites!

  2. Wow! What a feast! You certainly dressed for the occasion ~ you all look great! And the food looks amazing. What a fun book! I have a ways before we get to vol 4, but will remember this! {So cool that you have rowed this 4 times!} =)

  3. What fun times! We enjoyed this book.
    I have a couple of gluten free reads for you, have you been to crockpot365? every thing she posts and that is in her two cookbooks is gluten free. and this came across my google reader today...

  4. SMILE - brought back soo many wonderful memories!

  5. We love that book. We did it a few years ago. It seems like it is time to do it again. I love your feast idea.

  6. Pam - the costume was from one of our Family Events (big event for our FIAR group) a number of years ago. It was easy to just pull it out again to wear. :-)

    Michelle - Its just in volume 3, so closer than you think!

    Melissa - Thanks for the links! Off to check them out!

    Leanne - It does bring back memories, doesn't it? Does for me too!

    Dawn - We love it too! It's always a fun one!


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