Thursday, May 5, 2011

One month

I'm not sure I'll make it far into this post.  It's an emotional topic for me.

One month.  That's it.  Just one month.  A month can seem like a long  period of time when you are waiting.  Or maybe when you are really young.  But really, it's not very long.

30 days.

When I look back over the last 18 years, I delight in so many memories.  I'm so very thankful for this time.

Because in just one month ...

I'll have a graduate.

I'm thankful for God placing the desire to homeschool in our hearts.  This has been an incredible blessing for our family.  I have loved the years of learning together and know that we'll still be able to share and learn from each other - just in new and different ways.

For now, I'm trying to relax even though I feel like there is still a lot left to be done in a month.  I want to enjoy this time.  Just like I have wanted to enjoy the time that preceded it.  Time is fleeting ... and precious.

So for just one more month, I'll be homeschooling my oldest.  And that's all I can write now.

I love you Christopher!



  1. How sweet. Check out how handsome he is! I can't imagine how bittersweet it is, I have two years left for my first graduate and was just thinking "Oh my gosh! He'll be in 11th grade next year!" Plus he just informed me that he'll be the oldest kid in Youth Group next year. Whoa.

  2. Gulp - i feel what you haven't written, I have an 18 year old this year too, but it will possibly be another year before I am facing what you are.


    It has gone fast aye!

    Love Leanne

  3. ah, such an exciting time for him and a heart breaking one for momma. Been there so I know-virtual hugging ya and wishing ya well! You'll like it tho-eventually-as they become the adults we have worked so hard for all these years and that is a blessing-

  4. These must be bitter sweet times. And ending and a beginning, oh my the babies grow up.

  5. Congratulations! His pictures are really good! I can sure understand it being an emotional and bittersweet time. I'll pray for you.

  6. Thanks friends for your encouragement, hugs and understanding. This is a time filled with many emotions. I'm excited for him and at the same time, I know that his absence will leave a big hole for all of us.

    Hugs to you all,


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