Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"My Ipad"

I was hoping to catch up some this week on posting, but our main computer seems to have a virus - or something - wrong with it.  It's where all of my pictures are loaded.  I'm hoping Roger can work some magic on it and get it up and running again soon.  I was pleased to find that I had loaded a few pictures though so I can share at least one thing.

Electronics.  Things change and move so quickly these days.  I can hardly keep up.  I can't begin to keep up with all that my children know!  It just tickles me that Eliana knows the difference between an ipad and an itouch.  And oh boy does she like them both!  Often when holding the ipad she will let us know that this is "my ipad".

We have found some fun and educational games for her which I am hoping will be helpful for her learning.  She also really likes watching Phineas and Ferb on there too.  LOL

Here are some of the apps that she likes.

First Words Deluxe - Great game for learning letters and spelling words.  The letters are written and light gray so the child is really matching and then hears the name of each letter and then the word.

Wheels on the Bus - Just a fun, interactive musical game.

Scouts ABCs - A fun game made by Leap Frog. 

I Write Words - Great for learning to write letters.  Will not let you progress with incorrect writing and guides the child on forming the letters correctly.

Other fun apps enjoyed by a wider audience.

Cookie Doodle - Pick a recipe, make the dough (crack eggs, sift flour, and more), roll the dough, select a cookie cutter shape, decorate it.  Just fun!

Cake Doodle - Similar to the one above, but just with cakes.


Game of Life

Angry Birds

If you have found other great apps - for any age - I would love to hear about them!  I've done a better job finding things for younger than for the elementary ages and would love some help!  I've added some free math games which I hope will be fun, but haven't played them with the boys yet.

You are never too young for this fun new "toy".  It's not just Eliana - most of her friends also love the ipad!
Can I just say that it cracks me up to see her sitting like this with the ipad propped on her leg?

Hopefully more soon when I can get to our pictures!

Hope you are having a fabulous week!



  1. Cute, cute pictures! iPads are so wonderful for kids. They're obviously a hit in your house!

  2. I would love to own one of those. Maybe, we can get one in the next year. Cute pictures.

  3. So cute! We are saving up for an iPad, I think it would be a great gift for Lillian before her "big" surgery

  4. How sweet! Love the photos.

  5. Nicolas loves the ipad too. That picture is very cute of her crossing her legs, LOL!


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