Thursday, February 24, 2011

Field Trip - Bowling

This is an outing we do every year.  It's an easy one to plan.  We all know what to expect and we don't have to worry about weather.  I've been planning field trips for groups since Christopher was 2yo.  Wow, does that seem like a long time ago.  I was a relatively new mom, with an amazingly cute little boy, looking for some neat opportunities to do fun things with my son and our friends.  So, sixteen years later, I'm still planning outings for my handsome big son (and his siblings) and our friends.  It hits me at moments like this though that he won't be on many more outings with us.  Tears start welling up.  Sometimes change can just be hard.  I'm thankful for every moment I've had and for all the opportunities to explore and learn with my children.  I know that things will change and am praying that God will prepare us all for these next steps.

I will miss all the moments like this though.  Sweet moments that come often because we are with each other every day.  I love seeing them laugh and play together.  I'm thankful for all the time that they have had together.

OK, I didn't expect to go there as I started to write this post.  I mean, bowling doesn't elicit a lot of emotions on most days.  We met up with some of our friends.

Unlike last year, I signed up Eliana to bowl this year.  I wasn't really sure what she would think of it, but thought it was worth a try.

She loved it!  She rolled her first ball and then would look at me and sign/say "more"!  I loved that I could say YES!
We had a great time!  I'm so glad to have this time to just have fun!

We went out for lunch afterwards too.  We went to Crazy Fire.  It was a splurge for us.  It's a place that Christopher enjoys and I really wanted to treat him to a place that he really liked.  The surprise was that Eliana also really liked it!  I think she may end up being a good little eater.  One can hope, right?

Just a quick look at our day.  We are headed off tomorrow for another fun outing!  Hope your week is going well!



  1. They grow up soo fast!
    Glad you had a neat day out.
    Love Leanne

  2. So many fun field trips! We start Betsy Ross with Beyound FIAR next week. I am excited. I better go back and read your posts on the matter.


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