Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cupcakes & Friends

Going to combine a couple of things here.  Rebecca received a book for Christmas on making cupcakes.  Really cute cupcakes!  She has had fun on a couple of occasions making them.  I know she would like to make them more often.  (Can be tough with a diabetic in the house!)  She has enjoyed making them with friends a couple of times too.

This was her first try.  Snowmen.  Aren't they cute?!!!

 She made these with a sweet friend and they made different expressions on them.  Can you see them?  Happy.  Surprised.  Serious.  I love them!

Here are the artists!

Here is the birthday girl before enjoying the treats!

 We were able to go to VA to spend time with our dear friends there.  While we were there, lots of fun was had by all!  (I unfortunately was too busy having fun to take many pictures.)  Rebecca and Hannah have been friends all of their lives.  We were blessed to live beside our friends for 7 years.  We are thankful for our visits, though wish they could happen more often!

The girls had fun creating in the kitchen.  This time they chose to make flower cupcakes.

Don't they look great?!  They  made each petal and decorated it with sprinkles!

Here is a platter full of flowers.  

Playing in the snow was also a hit!  It wasn't much snow left by their standards, but by ours - it was great.  As Roger said, we sometimes sled on frozen leaves.  This is great.

 Always fun to play games with friends.  Actually, most anything can be fun with friends.  Even the most mundane of chores is made lighter with the conversation, laughter and enjoyment of a friend.  We are thankful to be blessed with many precious friends in our lives!

One last note on the cupcakes.  Rebecca is interested in selling cupcakes.  If you are local and interested in purchasing cupcakes, she is able to take orders.  She has many themes to choose from as well.  We haven't figured out pricing (and suggestions?).  Just wanted to offer in case there was interest.

Hope you are having a fun-filled week!



  1. Wow about the cupcakes! Those are amazing! I will keep R in mind if anyone has a need! I have no idea about pricing, but they are very, very pretty! I love what Roger said about sledding on frozen leaves! LOL. So true. It was good to see you on Thursday! What fun! Will see you soon! Love, Lynn

  2. Is there any chance that your daughter might be interested in making some fruit (or otherwise naturally sweetened) allergy-friendly cupcakes? My husband and son are allergic to dairy, and we are all gluten free. I know how to bake for our families needs but never can seem to find the time, so we would definitely be interested in purchasing some. - Willow

  3. Lynn - Thanks! She is having fun with them.

    Willow - This might be something that she is able to do down the road, but at the moment, she has not ever cooked this way. We are looking at going gluten free probably this summer. (Waiting for another round of tests to be done in June/July) After we start working more with gluten free then perhaps it is something she could try.

    I'll definitely post more when we switch our diet. We are just trying to learn and look into things now. It seems a little daunting to be honest. We both love to bake (me - muffins and bread, her - cookies and cupcakes), so we need to figure this out.

    I'm sorry that we can't be helpful right now!!! Thank you so much for asking though!



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