Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Where is Eliana?

Eliana has just not been herself today.  She woke up very early - and in tears.  Had a hard time being consoled too.  She fell asleep watching myth busters with her brother.  I thought it was because she was up so early.  She woke up when I tried to move her.  She was still tired though and fell asleep many more times during the day - and in many places.

In Rebecca's room

On Joshua's bed

On Daniel's bed

On the sofa.

On the chair.

At one point in the afternoon, I couldn't find her when I thought she had been with Rebecca.  We did a quick look and couldn't find her.  Oh, there is nothing like the panicky feeling when you can't find one of your children!  Well, after some more looking we did locate her.  It was her position that made her tough to find.

Apparently she woke up and needed a diaper change.  She climbed onto the changing table and then fell asleep.

Is that pitiful or what?  And yes, she had her foot crossed like that too.  LOL 

She was running a low grade fever earlier today.  Isaiah even came up to me at one point and told me that he thought she felt warm.  Poor sweet baby.  Please join us in praying that whatever it is will pass quickly and with no additional symptoms.  I'd love for it not to be shared too.  We have another birthday this week and I'd love all healthy family members.



PS  I've posted twice today - so scroll down for another new post.


  1. Oh poor sweet Eliana! But I do have to admit, the sleeping on the changing table is too cute. Hope she feels better today!

  2. Oh sweet baby. What a darling! I do hope Eliana is feeling all better today!

    Leslie, I wrote a bit for today and linked back to your blog.

    with joy,Michelle

  3. Of course we'll pray for the sweetheart and for you too Leslie, it's so exhausting and confusing when one of your babies is sick!

  4. Praying for sweet, precious Eliana to beat this bug quickly, and that the bug leaves without bothering anyone else. That is just too precious with her on the changing table.

  5. Thank you friends for your prayers! She is better today thankfully!



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