Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Book Club #2 - A Lantern in Her Hand

We met this month for the second time to discuss another book.  We read A Lantern in Her Hand which is set in the 1800s and goes through a woman's life.  It starts when she is a child and ends with her death.  (You learn this at the beginning of the book so I don't think this is a spoiler.)

This book was challenging.  There were times that I felt downright sad reading it.  I think that all of the moms in the room could relate to the main character  at some point in her life.  Abbie Deal.  A woman that loved being a mother.  She gave up her hopes and dreams to follow love and to give all that she could to her children.  It was hard at times seeing the hardships she faced and the twists in her life that just didn't seem fair.  Life is like that though.

I think that the book offered a lot of insights though.  I loved reading about a part when the character is in the later years of her life and she says that she doesn't feel like an old person - she is just Abbie.  I can relate to that even now and it is was something I shared with the group (and mainly the girls).  Inside, you are *you* and though your body ages, your spirit doesn't.  I know I don't feel "old" though I'm sure to some I seem old.  (Doesn't every adult seem old when you are a child?  Or even a teen?)  Even though she aged, she still had hopes and dreams. This didn't change because she got older, but sometimes her children seemed to treat her that way.  Also, they didn't always appreciate the breadth of experience and understanding that she did have.  I felt like they often didn't give her enough credit.

One of my friends commented that she thought this helped her to understand her mom a little better.  I am praying that it helps all of us to understand others a little better - especially those further down the path of life than we are.  We are all people with hopes and dreams no matter our stage in life or circumstances. 

I think the girls are getting a little more comfortable with the sharing and discussing of ideas.  I pray that this time will be a blessing and encouragement to each person there.  Friendship is a sweet gift - one in which you have to take risks sometimes. 

We had delicious treats after our discussion that tied in with the story.  Chips (corn) and salsa, grasshopper pie (they were awful in the story), popcorn balls (she made them for Christmas), corn muffins, dried apples and apple juice. 

I am enjoying this time with our girls and time for reading too.  If anyone has suggestions for a good book for this age group, I would love to hear them!  We'll be meeting again next month with a new book!

Thank you God for this sweet time of friendship, fellowship and fun!




  1. Have you heard of Center for Lit? http://www.centerforlit.com/default.htm
    I attended a seminar this weekend that explains their product of literature discussion. Might help your group or just give title ideas.
    This looks like so much fun.

  2. This looks like a great book club. Definitely very different from ours, but really more of a book club. Our club is more of a "Book Report" Club. You asked about the ages for our club on your comment. (I replied there, but I find it hard to remember to check back, so I'll reply again here.) There are 4 families participating and all of our school-ages children through about 8th grade participate. We don't have a rule about no high school kids. We do have one 8th grader this year and she'll probably still participate next year too. So our club this year is 1 8th grade girl, 2 7th grade boys, 1 6th grade girl, 3 5th grade girls and 1 5th grade boy, 2 3rd grade boys, 1 2nd grade girl and some preschoolers who just watch!

  3. I love your blog! I'm a regular reader, but have never posted.

    I often find that I personally enjoy reading Juv Lit vs. Adult literature...two books in particular that I tag as my favorites are:
    Someone Named Eva by Joan Wolf
    The Crow Girl by Bodil Bredsdorff

    What a sweet bookclub you have!
    Teresa in Texas


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