Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So many pictures. How do you choose?  Eliana is a helper when I'm trying to take pictures.  She wants to make sure that people are looking at me and saying "cheese".  She will place her hands on your face and turn it to the camera just to be sure you are cooperating.

I've tried to narrow it down, but here are a few from our week.  We had beautiful weather for the most part and also VERY HOT!  It was nice to be in the water!  I loved spending time with my family and am so thankful we have this week each year to vacation together in the summer. 

Building sandcastles ... small ones

and large ones.

You have to haul a lot of water to get the sand just right for a good castle (like the one above).

Sometimes it's just fun to watch the artist at work!

Playing in the surf.  The boogie boards are always a hit.

It's even more fun when you can find someone to pull you because then you go really fast!

And sometimes you just stand still.

There are shells to find - always beautiful shells.

Finding your shadow.  This really tickled me to watch her doing this!

When it gets too hot, you can find some relief in the shade.

Or in the pool.

The girls always have fun together!

There is nothing like having brothers to play with!

Brothers and sisters.

Eliana still thinks that sand tastes fine.  Yuck!  She ate a lot less than last year though, so here's hoping maybe next time she will think it is yuck too!

Some days all that playing on the beach just wears you out!

We'd often go out at night and play on the beach.  Volleyball was a big hit this year.  Eliana was just happy to be back in the sand and water.

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Thank you for all of you that left sweet comments and also for those who are praying for Joshua.  His numbers are better today.  Not where they should be, but much better.  I'm hoping we are on the right path. 

Hope you are having a great week!




  1. This post wore me out! LOVED it, though, and reminded me I need to (a) get to the beach and (b) learn to download photos from my new phone. It looks like you had such fun! Prayers are still with you and yours, especially Joshua!

  2. okay lets see if I get them all:
    1.) You can't tell those boys are brothers at all! (Note the sarcasm)
    2.) What a great big brother Christopher is
    3.) "Me and my shadow"...TOO cute
    4.) Rebecca is such a lovely girl
    5.) Body surfing: Eliana's got the right idea

  3. Great pictures Leslie! It makes me want to head to the beach. :)

    It was so good getting to see you so much this week.


  4. I love Eliana's "HELP"--that is too cute! And those sand castles are way beyond our amateur levels! :)

  5. Oh how cute that shadow thingy is!! That is adorable. So glad you got one of her looking over her shoulder too!

    I love the beach pictures so much, and I've read your other posts too. I think about Joshua so much. I'm am honored to pray for his good health. And tell Daniel I enjoyed seeing him today. He's a joy.

    Today was loads of fun. Even the heat didn't get in the way of that. Thanks for organizing!

    Love you,

  6. Love the shadow picture. That is way too cute! What a great week at the beach.


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