Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Standardized testing and ADHD

For those who have not had the pleasure of combing the two, let me just share a little bit.  As background, we are required in NC to test our students ages 7 and up yearly.  This year I'm using the CAT test as it is easy and inexpensive.   The test has 6 sections.  One of the first sections was reading comprehension.  You read a short story and then answer several questions about it.

One of the storied involved children at the beach building a sand castle.  He read the story.  He then started talking. 

"Remember when we went to the beach?"

I redirect back to the test.

"Our cousin watches a video before he goes out each year to build a sandcastle."

Again redirect to focus on the test.

More comments on sand castles.  Picking up pencils.  Dropping pencils.  Tapping pencils.  Staring out the window thinking about sand castles.

We are just on the first story!  In the first section.

I'm thankful to have this sweet, smart boy at home.  I'm thankful to have the privilege of teaching him.  I'm trying to be thankful for the additional opportunities to practice patience.  I'm thankful for the many ways he makes me laugh and lightens my day.

Can anyone else relate?



  1. I can relate to you!! I had a certain individual sitting at the desk in our kitchen pantry trying to minimize any possible distraction while he was testing, because sitting by the window with the hummingbird feeder was not such a good idea....and in the math section - if an answer happened to match any highway number, that same someone would start talking about the different states said highway runs through....sigh! At least he has gotten past picking the answers that "just sound neat/fun" to him. ;) I will add that with his amazing knowledge of roads/maps/highways, my human GPS has helped me out when I ended up on a wrong road - it just tends to make math take longer than normal, lol!

  2. Smiling understanding here! We use the CAT as well.

    Love you Leslie.

  3. I have to test my son next year. It will be a challenge. By the way, are you the same Leslie that posts on Spiceline?


  4. This sounds a lot like Tyler! LOL We have used the CAT in the past too. This year we tried the Hewitt PASS test and he did a little better at focusing. Unfortunately it only goes up to 8th grade so we can't use it next year. I have to say I am always surprised how well he actually does on the testing despite his constant chatter and fidget.

  5. Ha ha!! That is so a story of my day - minus the testing... You should hear Kylie do RME with me. It is sooo laborous as she reads every word, then defines it and at some points acts it out. Sigh... So how long did it take him to do the testing??

  6. We only have to test every three years but I know how stressful a time it is. We will be testing again at the end of this next year. Last time we used CAT but a trusted friend has counseled me into taking the ITBS which she can administer. It only has four sections and they all deal with Language Arts or Math, no Science or History. Plus it is all just basic skills, it looked alot easier than the CAT.

  7. That sounds like testing my oldest!

  8. Totally! It's why I pulled Daniel and Joseph out of public school all those years ago. Instead of constant redirecting, the teachers would take those active boys' PE away as punishment for their being easily distracted. That only added to everyone's problems! I am so thankful you can have your sweet boys at home! All of them!


    PS - If I haven't told you yet, I LOVE your header.

  9. I just knew that there would be others that "got this" too! LOL I loved hearing your stories!

    Kristina - He still finished it within the allotted time (actually finished early on most of it).

    Lynn - Thanks! It is fun seeing a new picture up there. I too am so glad to have my sweet boys at home! (Girls too of course!)


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