Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Still sick

Poor little Daniel has the worst of it now.  He has been sick for several days now and today was a rough one for him.  I'm hoping that tonight will be a turning point for him.  He felt well enough to play a couple of games of Candyland with me - and beat me both times.  He has been able to eat some, but not keeping much in.  We are all ready for this bug to be gone!

Thankfully everyone else is feeling well.  The other kids and I just did a lot of reading and some cleaning.  We are reading a really good book right now.  It's entitled The Mysterious Benedict Society.  It's a mystery involving children and a plot to change the world.  I love that it is engaging for my children from 7 to 16!  I'm really enjoying it too! 

Joshua walked in and said he feels funny - his head and his stomach.  Wants his blood sugar checked.  He is really good about asking for this when he isn't feeling well.  He, unfortunately, has had too much practice between the sickness and the many lows. 

I had told him that he would be fine as he just had a snack recently and a shot of insulin.  I don't mind checking though whenever he feels it is needed (or wanted).  This is a lot for him to learn.  Being attentive to his body and the changes it is going through.  He is doing such a good job of it all too.

His blood sugars are fine, but he wants me to go up with him.  More tomorrow.

Thank you for your prayers.



  1. Am sitting in the glow of the monitor, from the midwest, praying for your family right now. Hope y'all get a good night sleep.

  2. Oh no! Still sick! I don't know if you remember a couple of months ago the flu went through our house, it was so bad I almost took Ethan (6) to the ER, I was scared for his life at one for me I lost over 15 pounds with the flu and am just now getting my appetite back! I hope it ends soon for you!

  3. Okay wait, half of that weight loss was probably the other issues I am dealing with. Sorry about that.

    Either way, still praying!

  4. Penny and Sheri - Thanks for your prayers! Hugs to both of you.

    Sheri - I hate those illnesses that just wipe through a family. They stink! Glad y'all are better. Hoping we'll be that way soon too!




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