Wednesday, June 11, 2014

FIAR Vol 4: Snowflake Bentley

Well, I've debated on what to do with my blog.  Do I just skip over all that has happened in the many  months that I didn't blog?  Or try to do a quick catch up?  I've had friends mention that they enjoyed my posts about our co-op times so I thought I would try write about those.  So, a quick catch-up it is!

This is a delightful book, a true story, about a man named "Snowflake Bentley".  He is the first man to photograph a snowflake.  It was fun learning about him and especially this year when we had several good snows!  

At our co-op we learned more about snow and how various factors affect the types of snowflake crystals that are formed.  

 A look at snowfall over the previous 7 days and we made the map!  (I know its no big deal for some of you, but we don't get much of the pretty white stuff here.)
 They also learned about symmetry using various shapes.
 Then some hands-on time figuring this all out.
 Some snow saved was fun to examine with a magnifying glass.
 The snow was put on frozen paper so that it would not melt so quickly.
 Snack time was  make your own snowflakes from tortillas.  They folded and cut them.
 And decorated with powdered sugar.  Yum.
 Lastly, they each made their own crystal snowflake.  Here are directions if you want to try it yourself.
 During the week, we tried another art project making snowflakes that his older brothers had done.  We used florist foam and Daniel drew in the design of a snowflake.
 You have 4 sides to work with if one doesn't turn out the way that you like too.
 When finished, press the block into white paint and then onto darker paper.  Its looks pretty.
 We made a sensory tub of "snow"using corn starch and baby oil.  Daniel made a snowman and went the extra mile in making him look really great!
 We finished off our study with the delicious meal from the FIAR cookbook.  Don't you love our beautifully decorated table too?

As always, this was a fun book.  One you could enjoy any time of the year too!


  1. I always enjoy your FIAR posts. I wish I had thought of the flower foam snowflakes last time. I love that idea.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Thanks Dawn. You can save the idea for a future study. :)

  3. I wish I still had kids in this age range. I miss all the fun stuff. High school homeschooling just isn't as fun. lol.


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