Monday, June 23, 2014

Before FIAR: The Runaway Bunny

This post is to share some of our fun with the book The Runaway Bunny.  A sweet story of a mother's love for her little bunny and the lengths to which she is willing to go for him.  

We started with a reading of the story and a Bible devotion.  
 The little bunny was a fun prop that they all enjoyed.

 After reading the story, they worked to remember the sequence from the book and were helped by large illustrations placed around the house.
 With each place, it was time to remember what the little bunny became and what his mom turned into in order to find him.  They did a great job with these.  And did I mention that they liked the little bunnies?
 Part of the rabbit snack included grapes and bunny snacks.  My girl would not eat some of the other healthy options offered.

 Enjoying the bunnies along with her trusty friend George.
 More sequencing.  This is a great memory exercise at all ages.  In this activity, they worked on the ordinal number sequencing with numerals and words.  Additionally, they worked on remembering the order of the story and which object came next.  You can find the printables for these at homeschoolshare.  (As well as other fun things to do at home with this story!)
 Craft time.  They worked on bunny masks (Oriental Trading Co kit).  There were sticker pieces you could add to the ears and  and face.
 My girl did her own thing.  (Which is pretty typical!  LOL)
 Outside play activity that required listening and following directions.  I can't tell you more because I was either not listening or I just don't remember.
This wraps up March!  Tomorrow is going to be (hopefully) a quick fly through the month of April.  Off to go through some photos.

Hope you are enjoying your summer!


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