Monday, January 6, 2014

Thanksgiving pictures

I've been playing catch-up for too long it seems on my blog so I'm going to do some quick posts this week of the holidays and then start fresh with January!  Just wanted to share some family photos from Thanksgiving.  We went to Charlotte and stayed with my sister.  It works out  nicely since my parents live there now too.  Here are some photos - just a few.

My sister and I with our Mom.
 Shadow hoping that there are some goodies coming his way.
 Cousin fun - these two get along great and its been fun to watch them grow up together!
 Lots of yummy food which makes everyone happy!
 Isn't this a gorgeous table!!!  My sister has a beautiful style of decorating.
 We had a lovely meal together.

 My sister and Daniel.
 Eliana loved this spot.  Seemed just right for her, but can you tell what it really is?  Shadow's bed.  LOL
 Isaiah hanging out with his uncle.
 Lots of fun playing ping-pong - especially among the boys.
 Keri teaching Rebecca how to make bows.
 Photo of all of the cousins.  :-)

We had a great time together and we have much to be thankful for!  I'm blessed to have a wonderful family and I give thanks to God for this every day!



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