Tuesday, November 27, 2012


So much to be thankful for and I try to remind myself of that when I'm feeling frustrated or overwhelmed.  Most days, my problems really aren't that big.  And even when they are, my God is so much bigger!

We spent a few days in Charlotte with my family for Thanksgiving.  This is a holiday that has changed for our family and we are still trying to work it out.  In the past, we all went to my parent's house in the mountains.  We loved this tradition.  It included all of us in one big house.  Parade.  Picking out a Christmas tree from one of the many farms.  Family.  All together.  Last year, this house was sold.  We met at the beach.  All in the same building.  Still fun and nice.

This year, we were in the same city, but not in the same place.  I really missed having us all under one roof, but am thankful we are still able to be close.

I spent a lot of the day before Thanksgiving cooking - gluten free goodies from pumpkin bars to mac n cheese, from sausage/cheese biscuits to pumpkin banana muffins and more.  Christopher, Joshua and Isaiah played Axis and Allies for hours!  I loved seeing them play and have fun.  I do have a picture, but promised not to post it.  ;-)

We headed to Charlotte on Thursday arriving before lunch.  Isn't the table beautiful?!  That is my sister who really does make things look so lovely and inviting!

 Before we eat, there was time to play.

 And to relax.  (Isn't this the greatest space!)
 And escape.  LOL  Not really.  She knew I was with her.
 Heading for a fun play space.

 Finally its time to eat.  All those yummy foods!
 My sister Laura, Eliana and Roger.
 My bil Kurt, Brad, Isaiah and my Mom.
 Christopher, Keri and Rebecca.
 Daniel, Joshua and a friend, Catherine.
 Loved seeing these two playing with the bubbles.

 And the pile of leaves was just too much to resist!

 As we were heading out, Eliana just layed down on Shadow.  Aren't they cute together?
 My Mom fixed one of Rebecca's favorite sandwiches.  It was delicious.

 We visited with my Dad several times, but I didn't take many pictures on any of the trips.  When we arrived on Sat, he was sleeping so the kids just found things to play and do.

 We had a nice visit with him.  Its hard to see him not as strong and just not himself on some days.  I'm glad we had this time together.
We had a wonderful - but too short - visit.  Just not enough time to be in all the places that we wanted to be.  That was really the hard part of being in different spaces.  Just missing out on the times that happen naturally when we were all together.  Change is just hard sometimes, isn't it?  Instead of dwelling on all that I miss, I'm trying to just be thankful for all that we have had.  And all that we still have.

I'm so very thankful for my family.  I've been richly blessed with a wonderful family!!!

Hoping your Thanksgiving was a delightful one too!


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