Saturday, November 10, 2012

Slow times

For a few days in October ... things were slow.  And sweet.  And fun.  Its not that I don't enjoy some of our fast paced days, I do.  But I also relish the days that are unplanned and that take on a life of their own.  So much of our time is spent waiting for the next big thing.  We take pictures and celebrate the big events.  But life is made up of the little things.  The random days.  The people that we love.

Its important to take time to relax and just hang out.  I love this time of year.  Fall is definitely my favorite season and the one in which I most love to be outside!  I love the cooler days.  The changing leaves.  All of it.
I love having my whole family under one roof.  I can't explain how it delights my mama's heart to have everyone here.  I love seeing my children playing together and having fun and pray that it extends into adulthood and that they will be close for the rest of their lives.  Family is a precious gift.

Silliness.  Laughter.  None of that can be scheduled or planned.  It just happens.  It takes time.  I'm thankful for the times we have had and that we continue to have.
Time can sometimes separate.  Distance can pull people apart.  When the ties are strong though, the bonds remain.  In Christ, we have a bond that won't be broken and for that I am thankful too!
I love seeing my younger ones following in the steps of their older siblings.  Well, most of the time.  LOL  This scene reminds me of an accident with one of the older siblings many years ago.  A "Legolas" move that seemed better in the imagination than it played out in real life.
I'm thankful when we have time and margin in our lives because we can then include friends and fold them into the things that we are doing.  I love having Christopher's friends over.  Its fun to learn more about them and their lives and also to just wrap them into our family.  One of his friends from summer project came and hung out with us for the day.  (Loved having you here Lia!)
Can I just say that it does always tickle me that the younger boys think that they can beat Christopher in these physical games!  One day maybe, but he has a great advantage now.  Maybe if they worked together ...
My cute little girl just watching what is going on from the safety of the fort.
More of Christopher's friends come over to make a cake.  Its fall break so not many on campus and it fun to have them here!  (Natalie and Nate loved having you visit!)  Nate did a great job in grilling our dinner!  I was thankful for the help.
Cute little mouse birthday cake made from rice krispy treats.
I am thankful too for weeks when our schedule is not so full because it allows us time to plan fun family nights.  This was our celebration meal as we were finishing up the book Cricket in Times Square.  We decided to purchase Chinese food and it was yummy.
A less structured week also gives more room for creativity.  Time to explore.  Invent.  Create.  Daniel came up with a show all on his own.  It wasn't just a show either.  There was soooo much more to it!  I couldn't get a good picture of his show - it was a light/shadow show under a blanket.  I can show you all of the extras though.

Here is a partial look at the set-up in our family room.  To say that it took over is an understatement.  He worked SO hard in making signs and setting everything up!  Below is the booth that collects the tickets for the show.
While we were waiting for the show, there were all sorts of things to keep us busy - games, books to read, stamps to play with and more!  And in the picture below you can see some of the rules for his show including ... no iPhone, no iPad, no iPod, no talking and my favorite ... no gas.
Popcorn for our snacks!
More games available to play.
Can you just see all of the work that went into building, sign making and more!  He really spent a lot of time thinking through the details.  He set up blankets and pillows to make a comfortable area in which to watch the show.  He really did think of it all!
When the time was ready, we paid for our tickets.
Then let the show begin.
Thank you Daniel for a fun afternoon.  Thank you for letting us share in your creativity.
I'm thankful for this time.  This was a sweet time of rest before what would be a busy time also full of fun memories.  I'm glad to have the balance of both.  I enjoy the fast pace - for awhile - but not all of the time.  Without the days that are empty, there is not often the time to pretend, relax, create and explore that we have when our days are open.  A canvas waiting to be painted on.

This fall has gone by so quickly in so many ways and I'm thankful for much.  Thankful for time with my family and friends.  Thankful for the reminders to slow down, relax and enjoy!


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