Thursday, October 4, 2012

Field Trip to Pullen Park

We started off our field trip season with a trip to Pullen Park,  We missed going last year due to construction here and it was fun to see some of the changes that had been made.

We have a number of new families joining our group this year and this is a great place to have time to talk and play together - for new friends and old.  

 We met at the playground where there is plenty to do for all ages.  While the moms congregated to chat, the children explored.
 It was all close and easy to keep an eye on what everyone was doing.
 It was a gorgeous day and what better way to spend it than with family and friends.
 I just LOVE this picture!  It has to be my favorite of the day.  Pure and unfiltered delight!   It also captures one of my favorite moments of the day too!  Christopher came by to see us!  I was hoping since we were so close to campus that he would be able to stop by - and he did along with one of his friends.  It was so good to see them.
 I've always loved seeing my children hanging out and enjoying each other.  As they grow up and have different interests, it still makes my heart smile.
 This is one of the photos that Eliana took.  She loves to borrow my camera and take photos.  Some of them end up being pretty good.  I thought this was a neat perspective.
 Often on our field trips, I like getting a picture of all of my children.  Its not always easy or possible.  I loved getting this one.  :-)  These are some of my most favorite people in the whole world!!!
 Of course, no trip to Pullen Park is complete without going on the rides.
 The train is fun for all ages.
 This just made me laugh.  I'm often taking pictures of the group and they are used to me doing it.  It will be fun to see what her picture looks like as I'm rarely in the photos.
 Eliana really enjoyed the boat ride and Isaiah was sweet to ride along with her.
 Eliana was the only one that wanted to ride the merry-go-round.  And she wanted to ride it until she sat down on the horse.  Then she was done.  Unless she was clinging tightly to me.
 After spending a lot of time there, playing, having lunch, rides and then popsicles, it was time to head home.
This was a fun start to our field trips and we look forward to many more!

Hope you are having fun exploring your world too!



  1. Great pics...LOVE that Christopher came by. Such sweet memories!

  2. What a wonderful day Leslie! Isn't your sweet girl's heart day coming up? Our son's heart day is right around the corner. I love the way you celebrate it. We went to pullen park once and really enjoyed it.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. Hollie - I love that he came by too! Happy mama for sure!

    Dawn - Eliana's heart day is in April. Hugs to you on your upcoming heart day!

  4. Awww, Leslie, seems I was just there with you guys!! And look at Daniel! My, he has gotten so big! All of your children are just gorgeous -- the boys handsome, the girls beautiful! I hope you have a fabulous school year!!



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