Thursday, April 5, 2012

Another day at the beach

This day was a bit warmer.  I should have combined the posts on the beach, but I had so many photos to go through and so this will just be another beach post.  :-)

Just loved this picture.  Eliana amuses herself and has fun all by herself.  This is especially true at the beach.  She loves everything about it.  I think I could say this though about all of my children.  So many things to delight the senses and the spirit.  Truly the hand of God is evident in the majesty of the waves and the details of shells.

 They guys having a great time playing spike ball.  This is a fun game played in pairs that is related to volleyball in some ways, but really its own game.  The net is the circle that you see on the beach in between them.  They use a small yellow ball (in the air in this photo) to hit onto the net.  (You can find more info on this game here.)
 Daniel and Keaton are kings of the hill.
 For now.  The tide is definitely approaching!
 Cute girls walking in step.  (I have one for the next post that is very similar only of two of my boys.)
 Yes, we bring a large shovel to the beach with us often.  Its very useful for the large holes that my boys like to dig!  Isaiah is ready to work!
 Whether the water is warm or not, it is looking inviting to Daniel!
 The boys heading in for a swim.  It was much too cold for me!

 More spike ball with Christopher, Joshua, Jesse and Joe.
Rebecca and Keaton take a turn at it too.

 A fun way to write a message in the sand.  Time consuming too.  Rebecca didn't get it finished before we had to leave.
 Eliana getting a ride from her Daddy.
 Delight.  The water.  The sand.  Life is good.
 The construction project is underway ... and Eliana is finding her way in the midst of it.
 Playing frisbee on the beach.  I think this was the day that the ocean eventually claimed the frisbee for its own.  I wonder if someone else will find it and enjoy it.  I hope so.
 Finally feeling a little cool from being wet and getting cozy in a beach towel.

Another fun outing with our friends.  We are thankful for all of the beautiful weather we had on our vacation!



  1. I love the beach & miss it! Looks like so much fun. Holly

  2. Wow! The beach is empty in the background. It seems the perfect time to be at the beach. Are you all freezing? I am thinking a bit warmer may still be real cold.

  3. Dawn - It was cold, but better than the first time we were on the beach. :-)


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