Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Stove ... part 2

Some of you may have been wondering what is going on with our stove.  I'd be happy to share.  :-)

While I was gone to the JDRF retreat this week-end with Joshua, Roger was working on the stove.  When I arrived home - with Christopher and 4 friends over for dinner - this is what I found.

 Can you see it?  The new details of my stove?  Can you guess what my reaction was?

I laughed.

And my first comment?  "You do know this is going to be posted, right?"

A little duct tape all around the edges.
 Yes, I can see how dirty it is.  Its just the reality of life though - real people make messes - especially in the kitchen.

And did you notice the new handles?  Here is a closer look.
 Two little curved handles that Roger found in his workbox.

So there you have it.  It isn't pretty - by a long shot.  But it does work.

The cost of fixing the stove is over $200.  Not worth it given the age of the stove.  It's just over 12 years and I've read that the life expectancy is between 13 and 17 years.  As my sister pointed out too, my stove gets a LOT of use.  Possibly more than is "average".  Since we are probably on the end of life expectancy, we will be looking to get a new stove at some point in the future.  Thankfully for now, this one does work.

Just thought the pictures might give someone a chuckle.



  1. I love the MacGyver-like repair of the stove. :) And thank you for posting ... I needed a chuckle tonight.

  2. Definitely clever! LOL That is a Red Green type of project! LOL

  3. Yay! Glad that you have someone creative in the family :)

  4. I can just see all those men in your house positively salivating over breaking out the duct tape!!! MacGuyver indeed! Brayden would be proud!


  5. I love it! My husband and I were just joking about duct tape repairs the other day after *finally* repairing the kitchen faucet which had been beautifully wrapped in tape for months!

  6. Oh Leslie! Too funny. I have had my share of rigs through the years. But it is true -- it is life. Probably the thing I still laugh about the most was so cheap to fix, but still... Thomas loved our salt and pepper shakers but the pepper did not come out fast enough so he got the drill out and made the holes bigger. I know, not the same as something breaking, but I still had to live with it! :) You will really be happy when you get your new stove in a few years, or whenever. Was nice to see the post on the JDRF retreat. Joshua has a good mama!!



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