Monday, February 27, 2012

Field Trip - UNC TV Tour

Another fun outing with our FIAR group when we toured UNC TV.  

This is our statewide TV network with many types of programs from cartoons to pottery, from woodworking to news, from history to current events - something for everyone.  We divided into 2 groups based on age.  The youngest children toured first.

We started our tour in the lobby and here there were at least 5 TVs with different programs going on.  Interesting and a little distracting too.  LOL

We learned so much on this tour about the way things are operated and the extent to which these networks reach families.  The children were fascinated to have a peek at the MANY monitors that must be watched.  We learned that there is a 5 second delay in programming that was instituted after the Super Bowl debacle.  It doesn't seem like nearly enough time though to catch something unless you are really quick!
Here's what the children were watching above.
Once the crowd moved on, my little girl tries to take a peek.
I think this was her favorite stop of the morning.  We don't watch much tv so I wasn't sure if she would even know who Cookie Monster was.  She loved hugging on him!
We toured several more control rooms learning about the operations and the behind the scenes work involved in putting programming on our tv.  It really is interesting.
As I watched all the children, intrigued by the electronics, in my mind I was wondering if any of this was "real".
And as Eliana reached for the keyboard, I certainly hoped it wasn't!  LOL
I couldn't get into this room to hear much of what was going on, but did manage to get a picture.
We then went to see some of the rooms where filming of various programs occurs.  Take a look at the ceiling.  Look at all the different types of lights!!!  Can you imagine having that job?  None of these are cameras - just lights.
These are the cameras!  Three huge ones to the middle and right of the photo.
We then saw some of the different types of lightbulbs that are used in different programs.  Different lighting to simulate various things such out natural outdoor sunlight when you are inside an enclosed room.  Who knew that there were so many types of lightbulbs too!  This is a 1000 watt bulb.
And there were stronger ones too!  Even up to 5000 watts!
This is the door to the studio.  I found it fascinating to learn that it is filled with OIL to help block sounds from the hallway while filming is occurring.  Who knew?
This is another set.  Some in NC might recognize some of these.
The Woodwright's Shop.  Interestingly, the idea for this show was pitched by the man on the show, Roy Underhill.  The producers didn't think there would be much interest in a show like this, but agreed to give it a one year trial.  Now, 30 years later the show is still running and very popular!  I thought that was really neat!
The kids get a chance to view themselves on TV.
Here they are watching themselves on the screen.
This is the older group getting ready for their tour.
Those of us with kids in both groups waited in a nice meeting room.  What the children loved was a HUGE tv with Curious George playing.
Afterward we headed to the park to picnic and play.  It was a nice, but cool day and I took no pictures there.  Just enjoyed hanging out with my friends.  

I love field trip days.  To me, this is one the best ways of learning - experiencing something in a hands-on manner.



  1. Awesome as always!Can you talk about way back when you started. How did you advertise and get your group(s) off the ground. I sure find that a great difficulty in this area. There is a great divide between homeschoolers. The secular avoid the christians and the unschoolers don't want to talk to the waldorf crowd. I never lived somewhere like this before. We are all homeschoolers and should get along (it seems to me).

  2. Dawn - I'm happy to share. I'm sorry things are so tough where you are! To start with, I just began praying about a homeschool group. I felt God leading me to start a group for Moms using FIAR. We were early in our journey and were loving this curriculum.

    I mentioned this to a friend who was also using FIAR. She told me that she had been praying about it too - and that she was praying that God would lead me to start it. :-)

    In finding people, I knew a few people who were using FIAR and then posted on the FIAR message board. Also, I used to work as a vendor at NCHE, so I spoke to many people about FIAR there and also shared the group with them. We also have a local email loop for homeschoolers and I have met people there too.

    Do you have a local loop that you could use to help advertise or start a group? Do you have an idea of what type of group you would like to start?

    This FIAR group has been such a blessing to my family! I would love for you to have a great group too! (((Dawn)))

    Hope this helps.



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