Thursday, December 15, 2011

Under One Roof

My Mama's heart is happy because all of my children are once again under one roof - our home.  Its so good to have everyone here.  And I love that I know it will be weeks and not just a couple of days (not that the couple of days aren't also wonderful!)  I just thrill with knowing that we have time.  Time to play.  Time to talk.  Time to hang out.  Just time.

As the days pass and years go by, things obviously change.  Change can be challenging.  Sometimes good and other times just hard.  Sometimes the changes that look the most difficult can be the ones that bring the biggest blessings.

With Christopher in college, we have all had a lot of changes.  One is rooting for a new school (well, some of us are and others aren't).  A friend gave Eliana this cute shirt. 

 And yes, she is trying to make a wolf with her cute little hands.  :-)
We packed up an exam survival box and headed up to see Christopher the Saturday before exams started.  We waited in the lobby of his building.  
And everyone just made themselves at home once we got up to his room.  LOL
They wanted to help unpack the box (and sample it too).
Eliana grabbed my camera and got some great photos of Joe.  Our boys love hanging out with him.  I wish we had gotten a good one of Christopher too!  Next time.
It is a fun place to hang out.

We headed outside to play a little bit - football and frisbee.
I just thought this was a neat photo.  I'm guessing this is one of Eliana's.
We tried to go out for ice cream, but sadly for us, the Creamery was closed.  We'll have to try that another time too.

For now, I'm enjoying my family and thankful we are all here.  We have a busy week ahead and I want to be sure to carve out lots of time to just hang out and have fun!  

Tonight as everyone was getting ready for bed, my thoughts were pensive.  Last time to help a sweet little 4yo get ready for bed, read her stories, rock her and kiss her good night.  Five years ago, I was hospitalized for extreme sickness and dehydration.  Little did I know how much my world was soon to change.  

More later.  Tomorrow we have a sweet little girl to celebrate.  Five!  Can she really be five?  It sure doesn't seem like it.  



  1. I can't believe Eliana Joy is 5! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. I will always remember when she was born and how we prayed for her! Love you, sweet friend.

  2. Eliana is so precious! Happy 5th birthday, little girl! Enjoy your time with all 6 kids under one roof!!

  3. Five already?? I love her little wolf. She is the sweetest child.

  4. My silly computer won't let me comment on your next post. I love, LOVE the ornaments. What a great idea. That would be fun to do with the kids each time we do another book.

  5. It is hard to believe she is 5 already!!! It doesn't seem like it!

    Marcy - I remember well how y'all prayed me through this too! You were very encouraging to me! Love you too!

    Amanda - Thank you! I am enjoying it!

    Dawn - Yes, 5! She doesn't quite believe it yet either though as she keeps saying she is 4. LOL The ornaments are so much fun. If you decide to do them, let me know what you are making. I'd love to see them!

  6. Such a beautiful family what a blessing! Wow college, I dread those days ugh lol they just grow up too fast. My oldest of the three is only 8 and that alone felt like it cruised by. (sniff, sniff) Merry Christmas

  7. Happy Birthday to Eliana! Haven't checked your blog in awhile. Isn't it so nice to have your big boy back home? My boys are back now for 3 weeks too. We need to catch up soon, OK? Matthew just turned 3 and we're doing the preschool thing.....gasp! But he loves it and it's helping me alot : ) Have a Merry Merry Christmas!

  8. Lesley - no way 5 years oh my that has gone by sooo fast!

    Glad you have all the family home under the one roof again. Must be a different life stage with the kids moving on.

    Love Leanne


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