Saturday, August 20, 2011

Firsts this week

After our failed first attempt at a back to school breakfast, I decided to try something spontaneous the next morning.  It wasn't all that I would have wanted if I had planned it - but everyone was happy and we had a fun time.  When the children got up, I asked them to get dressed and not eat.  Then we went to Chick-fil-a to have biscuits.  I got hash browns for Eliana which were gluten free (though she was fussy later).  She did love them and called them nuggets.  This could be a good compromise.  
The second part of the surprise was heading to Walmart to pick out some new school supplies.  We didn't need much, but its still fun to pick some things.  I enjoy seeing what delights them too!  A picture of my "students" for this year.   
 Our cleaned up school room - ready for a new year!  I haven't finished all of my organizing yet and perhaps I'll post more about that - if it ever gets done!  LOL  You can see my new Ikea shelves on the back wall.  I am loving them!
 Rebecca chose sparkly and pretty folders and a fun pencil sharpener/holder.
 Angry birds folder was popular with a couple of mine.
 An electric pencil sharpener.  He was so excited about this - and has been loving making sure all of our pencils have a nice point.
 Cars notebook was his top choice.
 Eliana chose a new lunchbox - something we can use to keep her GF snacks in when we are out of the house.  I also had things for each of them to enjoy too!
 A better look at my shelves.  Did I mention that I'm loving them?!  LOL  So much more useful than the lovely china hutch that was there before.

We also had our first field trip with our Five in a Row group.  It was so much fun to be together again with friends!  We welcomed some new families to our group as well.  Our first outing is typically just a park day.  A relaxing time to reconnect and have fun.  One of our members also arranged for us to have a class on  

butterflies.  What a great addition to our morning! 

We had a lively and knowledgeable presenter.  She brought with her live caterpillars and butterflies which added to the fun!

We watched the butterflies being released.
Afterwards, we had picnic lunches and played.  Eliana and Rebecca both spent time taking pictures.  Rebecca does a great job - and Eliana surprisingly gets some good ones too!  

 Fun days.  A great way to start off our school year!



  1. Your Ikea shelves look great. I bet you will love your new classroom when you get it done. I hope you all have a great start to school.

  2. Totally get the new lunchbox thing! One thing I've always tried to do for my kids since they can't have a lot of the "fun" food options, is to have fun containers. We buy cups to remember field trips or vacation spots, lunchboxes they like, fun sandwich containers, snowflake ziplocs, etc. It helps make their same old food exciting to them. It's amazing how much more exciting water can be in a cool cup!

  3. Wonderful first day! (very similar to our first days! lol) Love the new shelves. Are you using them as workboxes, or just regular storage? I've had my eye on those trofast shelves for quite a while, it will be fun to know you are using them and see how useful they are for you! Thinking of you as you begin a new school year without Christopher under your roof. A whole new adjustment for Rebecca too, being the oldest at home. Looks like you have had a great beginning! And even when beginnings are rocky, I am so comforted knowing that God is in control, and He never changes. Blessings on your year!

  4. Dawn - Thanks! I am really excited about our new space!

    Melissa - Fun idea with the containers! Thanks for sharing it!

    Pam - I'm using them as storage for now. I haven't honestly figured out exactly how I'm using them all. Its fun just having some of them empty and waiting for things too! LOL I'll try to share more about them when I figure it out!

  5. Loving the new shelves. Looks like the kids had a great back to school shopping trip.


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