Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2 weeks and 4400 miles later

And we are home.  I had thought I might blog while we were travelling, but it just didn't happen.

Our last several weeks have been action packed and while I'm catching up at home, I'm going to try to catch up some here too.  We went to Christopher's orientation at NC State on June 30 & July 1.  It was very well done.  Lots of good helpful information for parents and students.  I learned a lot and am really excited about the programs that he is going to be involved in while he is there!

We left on July 1st for out big summer trip.  We headed to the mountains for the week-end.  It's been a family tradition to spend the 4th week-end with my parents in Blowing Rock.  I love the cooler temps and the fun events that they have for this holiday!  We headed to the park to play on Saturday morning.

 The older kids playing frisbee.  (This frisbee saw a lot of action over a lot of our country too!)

 There were large inflatable obstacle courses and bounce houses as well as a rock climbing well for the kids to enjoy.

Later that afternoon was the town parade.  My children love this.  Many of the people in the parade throw out candy.  Quite a treat!
 We see all sorts of things from cloggers to vets to funny floats and old cars.
 Most of all, I enjoyed the time spent with my family.  I'm glad we can visit my parents and just hang out and have fun.  I'm so thankful for my family.

We had a wonderful time in the mountains before heading out to our next stop ... Mammoth Cave, Kentucky.

More tomorrow.



  1. Laura Adams KinardJuly 20, 2011 at 7:31 AM

    Beautiful family!!! Thank you for sharing! I have homeschooled my son (only child) his whole life. He took 4 semesters of Japanese (2 at Tri-County and 2 at Clemson) and will be taking 2 courses each semester at Tri-County this year. He will "graduate" next spring but I am dreading college applications. He has a lot of interests --- not an engineer --- and I have no clue as to where he should apply to college other than Clemson and Tri-County right now. I'm looking forward to hearing about your son's transition to college as a homeschooler.

  2. Leslie, beautiful!! I miss you. I am glad you had a good trip. Life here is so busy right now. But when things settle down, I could love to drop in on a fieldtrip and bring Michaela. Love, Lynn

  3. I want to take my kids to Mammoth Cave. I went as a child - we're close enough now that it would be an easy field trip. ;)

    I know y'all had a wonderful time and at the same time are glad to be sleeping in your own beds again. ;)

  4. Leslie looks wonderful!! We aren't far from Blowing Rock about 30 mins or so! We love it here too! Enjoy your time home! Kayla @ The Arrowood Zoo

  5. Laura - You are doing a great job! I'm happy to help if I can - but there is a lot I don't know too! You'll figure this out together. Hugs to you.

    Lynn - We would love to have y'all join us whenever you can! We miss you!

    Penny - GO!!! It is such an amazing place! One of my top favorite places to go!

    Kayla - I didn't realize you lived close by! Such a beautiful area. We try to get there as often as we can to visit my parents. Maybe we'll meet up there sometime!


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