Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beyond Co-op: Thomas Edison #5

Our last co-op with Thomas Edison.  We had some last minute changes due to sickness.  I love the flexibility of this group.  I love how God helps us to work out the details.  It has been a sweet thing to be a part of this group!  
 One of our teens took over the teaching responsibilities for her mom!  Isn't that neat?  She did a great job too!
 More science lessons on the atom - protons, neutrons and electrons.
 They each had different elements to work with to apply what was being taught.
 We also learned about phosphorous.  Some neat videos helped to explain things to the kids.  You can check them out here.  We looked at 1, 2 and 14.
 The next part of the lesson was on economics - price comparisons and shopping.  They kids worked in small groups and had flyers from a couple of stores noting sales on various things.  They also had a shopping list.  They needed to determine which store had the best deals!  What a great life lesson!

 OK, this photo just made me smile.  At one point, Joshua had his plate on the counter and someone thought it was the serving plate due to the number of eggs on it!  LOL  He does enjoy the things that are "free" and those are much kinder to his body as well.
 I missed some of the explanation of this one so hopefully one of my friends will correct me if I mess this one up.  They talked about how electricity was conducted and demonstrated it by passing paper balls along a chain of kids.
 The last part of the class was a project that our sweet teen was doing for Civil Air Patrol.  She led the kids in making small cars from Styrofoam.  
 They used balloons as a means of propulsion.  They loved seeing these move along the driveway!

As always, another fun day!

Please see my other post below this one if you are local!!!  We have a play this week-end that we would love to have you attend!  It's going to be a lot of fun!


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  1. So much fun! We do Thomas Edison next year.


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