Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valentine's Day!

I organized my pictures tonight and realized how seriously behind I am in my blogging.  I'll try to do some catching up this week.  This is out of order chronologically, but since it is "dated", I'm going to go ahead and post it.

We enjoy celebrating holidays.  It doesn't have to be a big thing, but just something that makes the day fun or special.  Sometimes it is just doing the little things each year that build memories and traditions within your family.  I'm thankful that Rebecca has a real heart for building these memories and is a great help to me now in pulling things off!

We started with breakfast having waffles and heart-shaped (kind of) strawberries.  Not super themed, but still yummy.  Lunch was sandwiches - but cut into a fun heart shape.  (Thanks Rebecca!)
Handmade Valentines from their Nana!  They loved these - thank you!
Yes, Christopher was there and he also received a card - just didn't want to be in the photo.  You'll see that theme happening again in pictures later in the day.  ;-)
Thanks for my pretty card!
We had other small treats during the day.  I wondered then if any of them were gluten-free, but didn't check.  More to think about on another day.  For now, I'm just going to let her enjoy them!
Afternoon treat.  For those wondering, I have sugar-free hot chocolate for Joshua.  And no, he did not eat a lot of sugary treats through out the day.  His numbers weren't up for that.
 For dinner, we had our traditional pizza - heart-shaped with I love you written on it in pepperonis.  Daniel helped me make it this year.

We had a lot of mushrooms from our shopping trip, so I decided to make stuffed mushrooms to go with dinner.  They were so good!  I know I'll be making these again!
Rebecca the wonderful made treat boxes for each one of us!  She filled it with sweet tarts.  She is so thoughtful and loves to bless others.  I'm not sure her siblings realize what a blessing she is to them!

She also made our dessert for tonight.  She received a cupcake book for a Christmas gift and we have enjoyed her creations.  (More on this in another post.  If you are interested in her making something for you, she is interested in doing this as a side business!)  Aren't they cute?!  Tasted yummy too!

I'm blessed to have a wonderful family.  Thank you God for the many ways that you have blessed me and loved me.

With love


  1. Great shots Leslie. I just think Rebecca has such a warm heart.

  2. Leslie,

    Your Rebecca reminds me of our oldest daughter, Niki. She was so wonderful to do things with her younger sisters. She helped me homeschool them, did oral motor therapy with Lydia (DS, 11),taught horseback riding to them, cooked with them, took them camping, etc. She was such a blessing to us all.

    Niki is gone from home now. She married a wonderful, godly young man from a homeschooling family and she lives in a state away. We miss her terribly, but we are happy for her and recently became grandparents!

    It's so good that you appreciate how special Rebecca is because she will be a great "catch" and one of these days will be gone - sooner than you realize! Enjoy every minute with her and the rest of your darling kiddos.


  3. Sheri - She does have a beautiful heart!

    Anne - Your Niki sounds wonderful! I can only imagine how much you must miss her. I am so not ready for that! I am trying to enjoy each minute and appreciate your encouragement and reminder!



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