Monday, January 24, 2011

Harold and the Purple Crayon

I find that January is often a month in which I don't take a lot of pictures.  (Makes it an easy month to scrapbook!)  I did take a few of some of our fun with Harold and the Purple Crayon.  Rowing these books with Daniel is just as much fun as it was ... 13 or so years ago with Christopher. 

This was a fun title to use to start back to school.  I bought a long roll of paper and Daniel loved drawing an on-going picture like the one in the story.

I love how he examined the story and then set off to make his own.  I love seeing his drawings and the details that make it "his".  We are going to display this in our homeschool groups upcoming art show.  It's fun to share our work with our friends.

If it has been awhile since you read the book and you are noticing the "scribble" on the left side of the paper - that is where he is "thinking" before beginning the story.  I love the Daniel added this detail.
In the story, Harold had a picnic - with pies!  I thought this would be fun.  Daniel was suprised when I mentioned having a picnic, afterall it is very cold outside!  I assured him we would have a nice picnic - inside. 

He helped make an apple pie to get ready for our dinner.

The picnic was a huge success!  So much so that Daniel keeps asking if we can have another one.  I think tomorrow might just be the right day for another picnic!

My older two will be off skiing tomorrow and I'm looking for some fun things to do with just my younger kids.  I think a picnic will be a fun surprise for them.

Hope your week is filled with fun too!


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  1. Dear Leslie,

    I see Daniel has all of his silly bands on. LOL. I remember Harold! Oh, the memories.

    It was so good to see you yesterday! Doesn't time pass swiftly? Here it is late Friday night already. I hope all has been well with you. We are thinking of Eliana and all of you as you as you face the next few weeks.

    Love and Hugs,


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