Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Choosing a Tree

This tradition has wavered over the years some.  We typically spend Thanksgiving in the mountains with my family.  (Some years though due to sickness or pregnancy, we have been home.)  Since there are SO many great tree farms in the mountains of NC, this seems a natural thing to pick a tree from there.  We have loved going to tree farms, often with my family, to choose a tree.

This year, we again chose from home.  Why?  No luggage rack on our large van and Roger wasn't sure we could secure it.  So, we chose a place near to home - that brings them from the NC mountains.  It didn't take long to select a great tree!  And to have our annual family photo in front of the tree!  (That has not changed!)

There is a cute little sled near the trees - perfect for a photo.

I didn't get many photos of us decorating the tree this year though.  We were in a hurry and had a short time frame to get it done so here is just one.  Eliana LOVED putting up the ornaments. 

She finds such joy in so many things.  Have I mentioned today that she is a delight?  All of my children are a delight, but her wonder and enjoyment of each small detail of life makes the rest of us stop and appreciate life even more!


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