Friday, October 15, 2010

Fun Friday and The Glorious Flight

This was from two weeks ago, but I'm still playing catch-up (and almost there).  We were rowing the Five in a Row title - The Glorious Flight.  I made plans for a fun end of the week activity - that they remembered doing several years ago with friends.  This time, with having a volleyball game to go to in the afternoon, we just went ourselves.

We visited the observation deck of our local airport.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day and we all loved being outside.  (It made me think that we just need to do this more often!)  It was fun to learn about airplanes and to pretend to be one!

The whole outing was just fun!

We watched planes taking off.

We had a yummy French picnic lunch to celebrate the story taking place in France.  We ate french bread, brie cheese, grapes, mini quiches and muffins.

We made and flew paper airplanes.  Well, Rebecca made all of the airplanes for us!

We even met another little boy who watched and then decided he wanted to join in on the fun.

If you are local, this is a fun, easy and free field trip!  If not, you could check to see what's available at your nearest airport.  I look forward to out next trip out there.




  1. What fun! Our airport does not have an observation deck anymore. They decided it wasn't secure after 9/11. I should call over there and see if there is any way to see the planes. We love that book.

  2. That looks like great fun! We may need to copy you and do that field trip this coming week :)

    Kristin R


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