Thursday, July 1, 2010

Look what I made!

I found this cute tutorial for making a pillowcase dress and decided that I wanted to try it.  It was very easy and I finished it in one evening!  Gotta love a project that goes together that quickly.  Here's the finished product.

Here it is on our sweet little model!

Can you tell this is a girl who is used to the camera?  LOL

Any suggestions on treating the ends of the ribbon so it doesn't ravel?  Or suggestions on keeping it tied tightly while a wiggly, active 3yo is wearing it? 

Now, she is all ready for the 4th of July!  Any suggestion on making a bow out of ribbons?  Anyone?  I'd love something cute for her hair.  It's super fine so would need to be lightweight.   It may be too late to make anything, but would be helpful to know for the future!

Now I just need to find something patriotic for the other kids to wear. 

Happy 4th of July!



PS  Our van is fixed!  It was a cheap and easy fix!  Thank you God!!!  For those who are curious it was a fuse and we needed a new battery.  So thankful that it happened at home and it was back to us in less than 24 hours.


  1. Cute dress and yea on the van!

  2. Soo cute! Great Work Leslie!

  3. Oh, I love it. And yes, the model is adorable!


  4. What an adorable dress. I am glad the van was an easy fix.

  5. It's adorable! But what isn't adorable in Eliana?
    You can use a product call "FrayCheck" on the ribbon. Honestly, clear nail polish works just as well. :)


  6. Cute, cute, cute! It makes me want to pull out my sewing machine.

  7. Adorable dress...adorable, so sweet!

  8. Cut the ribbon end at an angle and use fray check or nail polish. You can get Fray Check at Wal-Mart and it dries softer than nail polish.

    You can find bow making instructions here :

    Hope that helps!

  9. The dress & the little lady modeling it are too cute!!


  10. Love the dress and your daughter is adorable. :) You can get a wood burning tool (they sell it at walmart in the craft section) that will cut through ribbon cauterizing it as it does. Works great! Much better than fray check. Just watch what you cut on.


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