Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hiking - another fun day in the mountains

The day after the marathon, some of us decided to go for a hike.  I love to hike and the mountains are truly the best place (to me) to do this.  There is so much beauty there and you just can't beat the cooler temps this time of year!

My Mom and I headed out to Bass Lake with my three little boys.  It's such a beautiful place.

We walked around the lake. 

We decided to hike up the mountain to the Moses Cone Manor.

We took the "maze" on the way up.  It's just a windy path to the top.  There were interesting things to see all along the way.

The trails were beautiful and we saw lots of people (and horses).  We even saw one of the marathoners!!! 

This ended up being a longer route than Isaiah was interested in, so he and my Mom headed back down while Joshua, Daniel and I headed up.

We made it to the top and the view from here is spectacular.

The home is also lovely.  I hope we can come back soon and go on one of the ranger tours of the house.

I love days like this.  It was beautiful outside - the weather and the scenery.  I was spending time with people I love and doing something that I love.  Thank you God for creating days like this and places like this just for our pleasure.

Thanks Mom and Dad for taking good care of Christopher and giving him a quiet place to rest and prepare for the marathon.  He enjoyed being with you.  Love you both!




  1. Beautiful pictures! I love the Moses Cone house. I love hiking in the mountains too. Thankfully, I've been to the mountains twice this month. Being raised in the mountains, it's hard on me living in the Piedmont!

  2. What a lovely hike and house. Did you get my comment about it would be great you hosting a Flat Stanley? I hope to be ready to mail them out in the next two weeks. Anyway, you can email me with your address.

  3. Oh wow, what a beautiful house! You do such wonderful things with your family. Such an inspiration to me :)


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