Thursday, July 22, 2010

Guess what is in my back yard?

I bet you can't guess.

Its not something you typically see in a back yard.

I wouldn't be surprised if you have never seen one of these in a back yard before.

Would you like a hint?

It's larger than a breadbox.

Much larger actually.

It's large enough to hold several little boys with plenty of room to spare.

It's red.

If you are a rower (someone who uses Five in a Row), I'll give you some specific hints.

It has "wise eyes". 

Did you figure it out yet?

I'm hoping that you weren't able to see the picture before you had a chance to guess.  That would ruin some of the fun.

Need another hint?

Its something you might see in China ...

on the river.

It's a junk!

One of the Dads in our group built this for our Family Event two years ago.  They graciously asked us if we wanted it.  You can see that I did say yes!

This is going to be a fun place to relive memories of that fun day with our friends as well as create new ones! 

Thanks Blake and Adele!  We love it (and you too!)



  1. Oh, how fun! We are rowing The Story About Ping this week ~ I will have to show this to my little ones! =)

  2. Oh, Leslie! How wonderful! I'm so glad that you all are going to be the junk's caretakers. How precious of Blake and Adele to bless you that way! Enjoy and feel free to invite my boys to enjoy along with you anytime ;-)

  3. I *loved* that book!!! What a fun thing to have in your backyard!!!

  4. Leslie, I love it! Makes me want to drive across the state for a play date. HAHA

  5. AWESOME! We love that book.

  6. So cute! I love The Story of Ping, too!


  7. How fine is that? Good clues...I guessed. :)


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